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This article is about a previous release of Crawl. For information about other versions of Crawl, including the newest, see List of Stone Soup versions.

0.1.0 is the first version of the Stone Soup fork. It was released on September 18, 2006.

Release notes

This is a somewhat experimental branch of the Dungeon Crawl Reference project (codenamed Stone Soup). Note that this is a branch, and is NOT the official Dungeon Crawl Reference.

The goal of this version is to build on Dungeon Crawl Reference (which aims to be the stable base platform for experimentation and patches, and to fill in the gaps during times when Dungeon Crawl's main maintainer is not available) with good features drawn from sources such as Brent Ross' 4.1.2 alpha, and ideas from the community of Dungeon Crawl players and to keep development on Dungeon Crawl moving without destabilizing game balance.

Stone Soup 0.1 (20060918)

  • Enhancer staves boost spell power only, not success rates
  • Chain lightning (level 8) replaces Orb of electrocution.
  • Miscellaneous spell level changes (Borgnor's, Silence, Simulacrum, Controlled Blink).
  • Sif Muna piety increases only when training spell skills
  • Okawaru gives gifts of ammunition.
  • Detect creatures is somewhat inaccurate; level-map is cleared before DC.
  • The Shining One doesn't protest his Daevas dying.
  • The Shining One gives Cleansing Flame instead of Thunderbolt.
  • Rods (apart from striking) have mana reservoirs and gradually recharge mana when wielded/carried.
  • Shields are better.
  • Warp brand is available once more.
  • Curare-tipped needles are available in addition to generic poisoned needles.
  • Monsters are never generated in LOS when a new game begins.
  • Monsters can swap positions with other monsters of the same class.
  • Missile launchers can be acquired/gifted by Okawaru.
  • Fire/frost missiles are more powerful.
  • Launchers support the vorpal brand.
  • Throwing skill renamed to Ranged Combat.
  • Ranged Combat now has no impact on ammo preservation.
  • Added monster draconians and death drakes. Drakes are now all on 'l' instead of 'd'.
  • Added lajatang, lochaber axe and longbow.
  • Save/bones version number is now 0.x so stone_soup cannot load 4.0 saves.
  • Monsters can cast poison arrow
  • Naga melee damage upped slightly.
  • Jelly pits
  • Missile weapons are stronger.
  • Evocations no longer increases max MP.