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This article is about a previous release of Crawl. For information about other versions of Crawl, including the newest, see List of Stone Soup versions.

0.1.1 is an old version of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, released on September 26, 2006.

Release notes

Stone Soup 0.1.1 (20060926)

  • The Inscriptions patch joins the party (minus keybindings changes).
  • Applied Matthew Cline's additions to the Inscriptions patch: more notes on monsters, auto-notes based on messages, etc.
  • Jewellery names now note uncursed status correctly (if rather verbosely)
  • Curare-tipped needles are rarer.
  • The appropriate monsters resist curare effects.
  • Okawaru no longer protects you from harm.
  • Rods are generated with smaller mana reservoirs (max 14MP).
  • Draconians are slightly weaker. Groups of draconians are smaller and more homogeneous.
  • Sif Muna piety training is easier.
  • Sif Muna now has Channel Energy; Vehumet does not.
  • Okawaru is less aggressive about spamming missile gifts.
  • Fixed Ctrl+move ignoring confusion.
  • Fixed broken keypad handling in level-map on DOS.
  • Fixed jelly pits appearing at low levels.
  • Added % command to show resists and other useful statistics.
  • Fixed bad flaming/freezing brands on missile launchers (reported by Rubinstein).
  • Miscast effect explosions now always hit
  • Fixed fireballs (and other explosions) being blocked by shields.
  • Thrown needles are very inaccurate.
  • Plain old elves are now of the correct intelligence.
  • Scrolls of immolation can't burn themselves up.
  • Player ghosts get MS_LEVEL_SUMMON if the player had Shadow Creatures.
  • Fixed jelly-splitting bugs.
  • Fixed splashed acid corroding items that shouldn't corrode.
  • Revised wand pricing in shops.
  • Fixed Book of Earth containing spells it shouldn't.
  • Stuff dropped in lava/deep water will now sleep with the fishes. Er, be destroyed.
  • Autoprayer will not pray at altars.
  • Water elementals can now move around as intended and can be summoned on blue fountains.
  • Vorpal launchers do a little more damage.
  • Fixed monsters not benefiting from vorpal launchers.
  • Fixed kill listing bugs on DOS.
  • Quasits can now be generated.
  • "Glow" status is now shown correctly.
  • Demonspawn can get mutations while transformed.
  • Monsters polymorphing into invisible monsters will be seen correctly by players with see invisible.
  • You now cannot read-identify scrolls of paper if you have three levels of blurry vision.
  • Acquirement grants more gold.
  • Airstrike does more damage to flying monsters
  • Shop items are coloured to indicate affordability.
  • You can now cast spells in capital-lettered slots.
  • Flying/levitating characters take half-damage from static discharge.
  • Yellow wasps are less lethal.
  • Items can be inscribed with =k to ignore them. Ignorance is rather powerful.
  • Trolls cannot use claws for butchery when transformed.
  • Putting on rings no longer prompts for left/right finger, rings always go onto left finger first if both fingers are available.
  • 'v' now also displays launcher stats.
  • Fixed bug with monsters trying to use blink as a beam spell when out of player LOS.
  • 'A' screen now notes speed of centaurs and nagas.
  • \ command display is now much tidier.