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This article is about a previous release of Crawl. For information about other versions of Crawl, including the newest, see List of Stone Soup versions.

0.1.4 is an old version of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, released on November 28, 2006.

Release notes

Stone Soup 0.1.4 (20061128)

  • Sif Muna piety no longer wraps around.
  • LOS speedup.
  • Level compiler now reads splev.des and vaults.des when Crawl starts up.
  • [1603062] Fixed save_dir + LOAD_PACKAGE_CMD problems (sartak).
  • Fixed more hiscores segfaults.
  • List of saved games is sorted by experience.
  • [1601205] */' now work to jump to stashes in the level-map.
  • [1581184] Fixed rotting meat/corpses being visible outside LOS.
  • [1601595] Lava smokes, swamp shallow water tends to mist.
  • Fixed 1594106: innate abilities were not being dumped.
  • Implemented 1601227, pickup_mode.
  • [1601588] Hellfire, bolts of fire, and bolts of magma melt wax.
  • [1601349] Fixed LOS not affecting square the player stands on.
  • [1599883] Interlevel travel now makes a best effort to avoid excludes.
  • Added tty colours to levdes syntax highlight script.
  • Set shallowest depth for farm_and_country to 16.
  • Implemented 1601230: sort_menus can now be of the form auto:5 (the default), in which case categories with >= 5 items will be sorted.
  • Implemented 1601277: 'f' is an alias for 't' during targeting.
  • [1601161] Adjusted statue stats.
  • Monster enchantment power is now 4*HD instead of -1.
  • Added draconian descriptions.
  • Draconian shifters and callers are a little more powerful.
  • Implemented 1601016: better menu titles for wield and throw.
  • Implemented 1601061: better messages for extending might/invisibility.
  • Player status now also shows burden.
  • Clean up speed mutation messages for nagas.
  • Let golden draconians know that they resist acid.
  • Gold can no longer be dropped.
  • [1597621] Auto-eat Lua only offers rotten chunks to the appropriate races.
  • Fixed cursor behaviour on Windows.
  • [1600189] Mummy restoration doesn't use mp or turn when it does nothing.
  • Yellow draconians get rapid-fire spit again.
  • Fixed 160093: too many shield interaction messages.
  • Amulets of warding provides one level of negative energy resistance.
  • Negative energy resistance cuts torment damage by 10% per level. Amulets of warding also confer one level of NE resistance.
  • Implemented 1599765, no wield messages while autobutchering.
  • Fixed 1599805 - Xom rekilling dead monsters with lightning.
  • [1597595] Show inventory weight summary in drop menu.
  • Macros are created and saved from ~.
  • [1598730] Fixed monster inventory scrambling.