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This article is about a previous release of Crawl. For information about other versions of Crawl, including the newest, see List of Stone Soup versions.

0.3.0 is an old version of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, released on October 31, 2007.

Release notes

Stone Soup 0.3.0 (20071031)

Disclaimer: These are merely the highlights, not an exhaustive list of changes.


  • Removed Hill Dwarf and Elf species.
  • Demigods lose fast metabolism, get better stat gain.
  • Kenku can kick with their talon feet, and can fly faster than normal when lightly burdened.
  • Kenku and merfolk get an evasion bonus when in their element.
  • Demonspawn get a bonus with demonic weapons.


  • New god: Beogh, god of Orcs.
  • Changed gods: Nemelex, Xom, Lugonu, Trog, Elyvilon, Okawaru.
  • No need to pray to dedicate kills.
  • Nemelexites no longer need a portable altar in order to sacrifice objects.
  • Nemelexites are granted various deck manipulation abilites as they gain piety.
  • [1761974] Trog gets a Burn Books ability.
  • [1754125] Trog's Hand and Brothers in Arms replace Might and Haste.
  • Elyvilon: Destroy Weapon ability replaces weapon sacrifices.
  • Okawaru loses Minor Healing.
  • Gods won't accept sacrifices of rotten corpses.
  • Good gods no longer punish for unintended draining.
  • Different messages now indicate piety gain for offered items.


  • New missiles: javelins, sling bullets and throwing nets.
  • Throwing weapons may be generated with the "returning" brand.
  • [1756363] New potion: potion of resistance.
  • [1744612] Introduced weapons of returning.
  • [1789869] Items which the player sees a monster use become identified if they have an obvious effect.
  • Artefact jewellery doesn't auto-id anymore, instead "obvious" changes and abilities give a message.
  • [1768865] Added inscription prompt when viewing items.
  • Viewing via inventory listing won't leave the inventory.
  • [1735752] Autoinscribe wands with zap count.
  • Added autoinscriptions for items used by monsters.
  • Warning inscriptions now actually work for all advertised commands ([1795568] !r now prevents scrolls from being read.)
  • [1793698] In the item selection menu, pressing "." will toggle the selection of the item after the previously selected item.
  • [1783003] More menu sorting methods, and fixed jewellery sorting bug.
  • Book shops are less likely to stock duplicate copies.
  • [1746014] Added command to cycle through ammunition when 'f'iring.


  • Abominations created by Twisted Resurrection now count as undead.
  • Increased spawning rate after picking up the Orb.
  • Berserked monsters attack nearby enemies and ignore ally commands.
  • Monsters confused by you that kill themselves or others now give xp.
  • [1779770] Monsters taking stairs are created according to stair destination.
  • Monster descriptions are shorter when looking at them with 'x' and targeting.
  • Unflasked efreets are permanent.
  • Mummy priests and greater mummies now have high intelligence.


  • Added portal vaults, specifically bazaars.
  • Labyrinths look much different now.
  • Changed rock stairs to escape hatches.
  • New trap type: net trap.
  • Added several new vault maps.
  • Monster generation rate in the Vestibule drops with time spent in the Vestibule.
  • Fixed sealed rooms being generated in the Vaults.


  • [1772497] runrest_ignore_monster can be used to ignore distant mosters when running, resting or exploring.
  • Filter talk and sound channels from interrupting resting
  • Filter information from examining your surroundings from message history
  • Three new informational-only hunger states: near starving, very hungry and very full.
  • Added pickup.lua for smarter autopickup
  • Added trap_item_brand for traps hidden by items
  • Added visible beam path for targetting
  • Added warning when trying to fight wielding a non-weapon
  • Interlevel travel also allows travelling to entrances of branches
  • Polearms can be used to attack monsters submerged in shallow water using Ctrl+direction when adjacent.
  • Added support for Unicode glyphs in Unix.
  • Large viewport support for terminals larger than 80x24 if the view_max_width and view_max_height options are set.
  • Quit prompt needs "Yes" to confirm.


  • Crawl needs Lua - Lua 5.1 sources are included with the Crawl sources.
  • Monster, spell and feature descriptions and monster dialogue are now loaded from text files.
  • [1777426] Explosions can no longer pass through walls.
  • Invisibility is more useful.
  • User Lua scripts now have limits on CPU usage and memory use and are safer to use on public servers.
  • Fixed DOS glitches.
  • Game time reported by Crawl clamps time-per-move at 5 minutes.
  • More fixes for Crawl to play well with dgamelaunch.