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This article is about a previous release of Crawl. For information about other versions of Crawl, including the newest, see List of Stone Soup versions.

0.3.3 is an old version of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, released on December 2, 2007.

Release notes

Stone Soup 0.3.3 (20071202)

  • Fixed crash when draconian callers try to summon drakes.
  • Fixed crash when shadow creatures is cast in a labyrinth.
  • Fixed crash when monster blinks onto trap and is killed by the trap.
  • Fixed vampires boosting the player's maxhp.
  • Fixed bad monster selection when shadow creatures is cast post-orb-pickup.
  • Fixed buggy Xom mutations.
  • Fixed nets not trapping monsters correctly.
  • Fixed monsters being able to get past plants on level load.
  • Fixed out-of-sight monsters raising dead in the player's line-of-sight.
  • Fixed brand colours flooding screen in DOS.
  • Returning weapons auto-id on use by monsters.
  • Autobutcher respects !w inscriptions.
  • Horns mutation changes helmet slot description to "restricted".
  • Reintroduced Beogh penance for destroying orcish idols.
  • Tutorial fixes.
  • Errors in .crawlrc are reported at startup.