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This article is about a previous release of Crawl. For information about other versions of Crawl, including the newest, see List of Stone Soup versions.

0.4.1 is an old version of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, released on July 17, 2008.

Release notes

Stone Soup 0.4.1 (20080717)

Disclaimer: These are merely the highlights, not an exhaustive list of changes.

  • Fixed crashes related to mapmark.lua.
  • Fixed crash when attempting to autoinscribe non-artefacts via '{'.
  • Fixed Crawl looping infinitely upon "good random choice" for Thief/Wanderer.
  • Fixed crashes when selecting an item with no appropriate items in inventory.
  • Fixed DOS problems with long file names.
  • Fixed Tiles not working on Windows 2000 and earlier.
  • Fixed targetting prompts being ignored or having the wrong result.
  • Fixed item quotes causing overlong descriptions.
  • Fixed vampire bat jewellery exploit.
  • Fixed secondary monster attacks being branded according to their weapon.
  • Fixed runes not being counted correctly in scoring.
  • Fixed kills by hell effects counting as player kills.
  • Fixed persistent --more-- in wizard mode.
  • Fixed cold/fire always destroying all potions/scrolls on the floor.
  • Fixed Portal Projectile not handling throwing nets or branded ammo correctly.
  • Fixed friendly pickup toggle being inappropriately disallowed.
  • Fixed known bad potions being subject to autopickup.