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This article is about a previous release of Crawl. For information about other versions of Crawl, including the newest, see List of Stone Soup versions.

Release notes

Stone Soup 0.5.0 (released on June 12, 2009. (20090612))

Disclaimer: These are merely the highlights, not an exhaustive list of changes.

Breaks saves and bones compatibility.

0.5 Highlights

  • New species and job: Deep Dwarf, Artificer.
  • Removed three species: Gnome, Grey Elf, Ogre-Mage.
  • Several cool new uniques and other monsters.
  • Several great new portal vaults.
  • Zombies and skeletons can no longer use stairs.
  • Transformations meld equipment instead of removing it.
  • Many spell ranges shortened.
  • Much more useful monster descriptions.
  • More convenient tiles version.


  • New portal vaults (Sewer, Ice Cave, Minitomb, Ziggurat), and many new vaults.
  • Self-changing labyrinths (mappable but subject to map rot).
  • Teleporting within a labyrinth always sends you away from the exit.
  • The Orcish Mines are completely interconnected via the branch bottom.
  • Shortened Hive to two levels.
  • Ghosts may no longer appear in the Ecumenical Temple.
  • Traps remember how much ammunition they have.
  • Branch descriptions mention depth and whether they contain a rune.
  • Fixed KMONS not accepting comma-separated list of alternative monsters.
  • Tweaked most of the oklob vaults to make them less dangerous.
  • Allow bazaars outside of the main dungeon.
  • For timed portal vault alerts, give directional feedback.


  • Removed Grey Elf and Gnome species.
  • Merged Ogre-Mages into Ogres with completely new aptitudes.
  • Added non-healing species: Deep Dwarves.
  • Swapped Kobolds' aptitudes for Long Blades and Maces & Flails.
  • Added Artificer job.
  • Transformations cause worn equipment to be melded rather than removed.
  • Overhaul nutrition values and duration for Vampires feeding on corpses.
  • Vampires can no longer heal via potions of blood or non-fresh corpses.
  • Vampires recover lost stats depending on blood level.
  • Draining of the experience pool is reduced by life protection.
  • Merfolk can swim in heavy armour, albeit with doubled armour penalty.
  • Player and monster nagas no longer flounder or lose stealth in shallow water.
  • Secondary unarmed attacks wake sleeping monsters.
  • Pure spellcasters don't start with a weapon anymore.
  • Tweak starting choice restrictions.
  • Going into berserk rage doubles Health, ending it halves Health.
  • Added the slow healing mutation, affecting hitpoints and stat regeneration.


  • Disallow zombified monsters' use of stairs.
  • New monsters: trapdoor spider, rock worm, flaming corpse, chaos spawn.
  • Monster descriptions list resistances and some other attributes.
  • Several cool new uniques.
  • Many of the later uniques appear a few dungeon levels earlier.
  • Polymorphed uniques retain their spells and speech.
  • Reintroduce chance of orc wizards and priests in early orc bands.
  • Most monsters of the same genus will attempt to surround the player.
  • Implemented monster miscasts caused by Zot traps or mummy curses.
  • Make all allies (including zombies) avoid Zot traps known to the player.
  • Ghosts don't get holy wrath branded attacks anymore.
  • Monsters will shout when woken, unless stabbed.
  • Monsters will drink !healing to cure confusion, etc.
  • Allies no longer mind being teleported by the player.
  • Causing fear will make permanent allies flee but does not anger them.
  • Retain the teleportation enchantment on polymorphed monsters.
  • Make vampiric draining and torment alert and anger its target.
  • Fixed draconians being able to strike 3 times per turn with their weapons.
  • Account for randart shields when scanning monsters' inventories for randarts.
  • Fixed monsters getting stuck in deep water after entering it while confused.
  • Monsters behind glass but with a path to the player interrupt rest/travel.
  • Monsters raised from the dead are equipped with their original equipment.
  • Zombies/skeletons no longer drown, but will still avoid water.
  • Fixed summoned monsters taking non-summoned items with them.
  • Summoned monsters are no longer susceptible to Vampiric Draining.
  • Make abominations resist poison.
  • Butchered corpses sometimes leave skeletons.
  • Finally fixed monsters acting before being announced as "coming into view".


  • New command for evoking inventory items ('V'), replaces wand zapping ('Z').
  • Casting spells with 'z' aborts without prompt if no monsters are in range.
  • Casting spells with the new 'Z' allows casting in any case.
  • Changed quick save command to 'Ctrl-S' (was Ctrl-X).
  • Change exclusion commands to e, E, Ctrl-E (was Ctrl-X, x, Ctrl-E).
  • New monster/item view command ('Ctrl-X'), allowing travel to items, features.
  • Store message history across saves.
  • Some message condensation for identical messages.
  • Added stat_colour option to highlight dangerously low stats.
  • New option: Automatically set travel exclusions for statues and oklob plants.
  • Switch off autopickup and autoswap if you see a monster turn invisible.
  • Killing an invisible monster reactivates autopickup.
  • Added ally pickup mode for items dropped by either player or allies.
  • Shops use shopping cart behaviour.
  • Wizard commands can be used from the wizard help screen.
  • Allow quivering/firing of wielded missiles and wielded weapons of returning.
  • With a full pack, check entire list of selected items to allow for merging.
  • Eating prompts for chunks sorted by age and side effects.
  • Added an option to make menu colours apply to shops.
  • Use menu colours for announcements of items found while travelling.
  • Pressing Esc at -More- automatically clears all queued -More- prompts.
  • Added FAQ to help screen ('?Q').
  • Purchases and donations are noted.
  • The database search also prints armour base AC/EV and weapon plusses.
  • Add spells and books to book/spell descriptions when searching the database.
  • Ability and card descriptions are searchable in the database ('?/').
  • Allow wishing for specific fixed and randarts in wizard mode ('o' command).
  • Add food item based hunger descriptions to spells.
  • "Glow" status is grey for harmless contamination, yellow for dangerous levels.


  • New scroll: ?vulnerability, applying to all creatures in LoS including you.
  • New weapon brand: chaos, available only via Xom and pandemonium lords.
  • Introduce randart spellbooks with random spell selections.
  • Book acquirements are much more random and may yield manuals.
  • Missile enchantment decreases chance of destruction on impact.
  • Freezing weapons can slow cold-blooded monsters.
  • The staff of channeling trains Evocations.
  • Potions of magic no longer increase maximal magic points and are more common.
  • Item descriptions mention enchantment/charging limits.
  • Randarts get their known properties autoinscribed.
  • Randarts are noted as identified even if the plusses are still unknown.
  • Eliminate RAP_ANGRY and RAP_BERSERK for launcher weapons.
  • Ammo that IDs through throwing merges in your pack instantaneously.
  •  ?immolation doesn't burn scrolls anymore.
  •  ?summoning creates a permanent abomination.
  •  ?random uselessness autoidentifies.
  •  ?vorpalise weapon fixes temporary brands instead of Enchant Weapon III.
  • Nemelex-gifted decks identify after drawing one card.
  • Decks of punishment are no longer randomly generated.
  • Removing rings of levitation or invisibility no longer cancels the effect.
  • Identify the Horn of Geryon when wielding it.
  • Skeletons rot away in inventory at the same rate as on the floor.


  • Greatly improved Yredelemnul.
  • Nerfed TSO/Beogh's blessings of followers.
  • Xom is more active and more useful in combat.
  • Cleansing Flame centers on the player and deals less damage.
  • Killing a holy being is sometimes avenged by TSO.
  • Split Elyvilon's healing powers into "heal self" and "heal other" versions.
  • Evyvilon's Lesser Healing (for pacification) does not cost piety anymore.
  • Move Divine Robustness from Zin to Elyvilon, replacing Incredible Healing.
  • Make Zin's retribution-summoned plagues permanent.
  • Sif Muna no longer gifts Kiku/Vehumet specific books, spells still possible.
  • Trog accepts kills of demons.
  • Trog's Hand provides magic resistance as well as regeneration.
  • Vehumet accepts undead killing for you.
  • Beogh no longer accepts butchery but likes prayer over orcish remains.
  • Beogh accepts more kinds of kills.
  • Beogh has a non-cannibalism conduct.
  • Disallow shapeshifters in orc form to become Beoghites' followers.
  • Offer card descriptions when using Nemelex's Triple Draw or Stack Five.
  • Enable automatic note taking for Xom effects.


  • Overhauled and improved tiles code, now using SDL.
  • Added auto-sizing for font, map, and window sizes.
  • Support for full screen mode and for small resolutions (800x480).
  • Graphical menu improvements: some menus are clickable and show icons.
  • Mouse clicks on the map when unsafe travel one square in that direction.
  • Mouse-over item/monster descriptions.
  • Added new and improved tiles: Pandemonium lords, draconians, randart books.
  • Monster tiles include health bars.
  • Added type-specific icons for jewellery, shops, and weapon brands.
  • Vaults can specify floor and wall tiles in their description.


  • Greatly reduced spell ranges (both player and monster).
  • For most bolts, hitting a monster reduces range by one.
  • Added arena mode to watch monsters fighting other monsters.
  • Fixed crashes involving "invisible/unmoving" monsters.
  • Crashes leave highly informative crash dumps.
  • Poison Weapon is a level 2 spell.
  • Extension will also extend temporary weapon brands.
  • Lua errors report the line numbers of the actual code.
  • Flying can be cancelled.
  • Petrify is an Enchantment/Earth spell.
  • Lee's Rapid Deconstruction deals great damage to petrified monsters.
  • Removed stash_tracking option, always track all stashes.
  • Rewrite and clean up of (among others) beam, trap, and mutations code.
  • Store code revision in save files for easier bug tracking.
  • Many useful new wizard mode commands.