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This article is about a previous release of Crawl. For information about other versions of Crawl, including the newest, see List of Stone Soup versions.

0.7.0 is an old version of Dungeon Crawl Stone Stoup, released on July 24, 2010.

Release notes

Stone Soup 0.7 (20100724)

Balance fixes

  • Monster double actions due to energy randomisation always include a move.
  • Greatly accelerate armour training when armour is heavy relative to skill.
  • Make heavy armour guaranteed damage reduction percentage independent of armour skill.
  • Heavy armour doesn't affect weapon speed anymore.
  • Shields reduce attack speed.
  • Nagas and worshippers of Cheibriados don't suffer from as much hunger.


  • New mini-game, Dungeon Sprint.
  • New tutorial, old tutorial is now a hints mode.
  • Aptitudes now on a scale +5 to -5.
  • Track the source of poison for death messages.
  • Magic mapping and Lugonu's self-banishment now work in Pandemonium.
  • Ghouls can no longer starve; they just rot faster.


  • New starting menus, mouse-operable in tiles builds.
  • New tiles monster list tab.
  • Swap water and disturbance glyphs ('~' and '{').
  • Show effective weapon speed in '@' character info.
  • Player body size is now described on the "A" screen.


  • Walls in the Slime Pits are acidic.
  • Changed shop distribution between branches.
  • Removed instant stat death.
  • Monster silence.
  • Monster halos.
  • New demonspawn mutations.
  • Make Shoals monsters generate on land.
  • Reduced missile enchantment effect on mulching.
  • New maps.
  • Fix old player ghost speech, and add player ghost speech fitting the ghost.
  • Monster equipment can be corroded by acid.
  • Lost stats are now recovered one point at a time.
  • Magic contamination effects are more than twice as harsh.
  • The Abyss may now include hand-made structures.


  • Zin no longer objects to deaths of non-sentient allies, and takes collateral kills of unclean and chaotic monsters.
  • Zin has a new power: Imprison.
  • Elyvilon's Divine Vigour scales better in terms of power.
  • Yredelemnul no longer gifts vampires.
  • Sif Muna's piety is no longer unfair to skilled species.
  • Nemelex no longer takes gold sacrifices.
  • Fedhas can now evolve ballistomycetes into hyperactive ballistomycetes.
  • Jiyva now gives the player conservation and unique slime-related mutations, and produces temporary friendly slimes instead of permanent neutral ones via the royal jelly effect.


  • Scrolls of holy word do more damage to susceptible monsters.
  • Blowguns no longer show damage, as they do none; accordingly, scrolls of enchant weapon II no longer work on them.
  • Flame- and frost-branded darts no longer always mulch, and the steel brand is properly applied for thrown weapons.
  • Demon tridents can be blessed by TSO.


  • Thieves and Death Knights are no more.
  • Warpers receive darts of dispersal.


  • Anacondas are now amphibious.
  • Skeletal dragons are renamed to bone dragons.
  • Manes are now iron imps, with stat tweaks.
  • Imps lose see invisible while shadow imps gain it, and white imps resist poison but are vulnerable to fire.
  • (Very) ugly things are no longer amphibious.
  • Glyph change for demonic crawlers.
  • Orange demons' poison can now drain any stat.
  • Hell hounds, hell hogs and demonic crawlers now leave corpses.
  • Hell knights have more HP and do more damage.
  • Blink frogs have phase shift.
  • New monsters: elephant, dire elephant, hellephant, spriggan, spriggan druid, spriggan firefly rider.
  • New unique: Grinder the shadow imp.
  • Wayne is now capable of laying a major smackdown.
  • Archer variation of statue added.


  • Call Imp is now level 2, takes spell power into account, and can summon iron imps.
  • Call Canine Familiar replaces Summon Elemental in the book of Callings, and is removed from the book of Summonings.
  • Summon Ugly Thing summons very ugly things less often at high power.
  • Invisibility no longer works on glowing monsters.
  • Extension only extends spells that you know.
  • Death's Door only blocks healing, paralysis only for Revivification.
  • Summon Ugly Things is level 6, Haunt is level 7.


  • LOS and areas recalculated on-demand.
  • Asserts are enabled by default.
  • Abstract tiles code from SDL and OpenGL.
  • Cleaned up game selection code.

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