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Version 0.17: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

0.17 is a future version of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. It is the current trunk or development version.

Stone Soup 0.17 (up to 0.17-a0-477-g451446c)


  • Shadow Traps have been removed.


  • All races have had their evocations aptitudes reduced by one point.
  • MP scaling has been reworked & simplified; MP aptitudes have been adjusted.
  • Rot is now healed first, instead of last; effectively, rotting reduces the
 effectiveness of healing until cured.


  • Beogh's smite damage now scales better with invocations.
  • Finesse no longer gives contamination.
  • Lugonu and Trog no longer accept corpse sacrifices.
  • The Shining One no longer blesses allies' weapons and armour; their angel
 summoning ability is now slightly cheaper.
  • Gozag's gold distraction is now an effect centered on the player that's
 refreshed whenever they find (make) new corpse-gold, rather than being
 centered on the gold piles themselves.


  • The Cloak of Starlight is now +2 and gives Stlth--.
  • Warding now applies to ranged attacks.
  • Troll leather armour now provides regeneration to trolls.
  • Staves of summoning no longer have a chance of abjuring on hit.
  • Staves of power now give a flat +15 mp, rather than scaling with your MP; they
 no longer store MP when swapping.
  • Removed items:
 - The Cloak of Flash.
 - Potions of decay.


  • New monsters:
 - Salamander stormcallers, appearing in the late Dungeon and the Vaults. They
   chant for a few turns before calling down a Fire Storm on their victims.
 - Entropy weavers, appearing in Spider, Vaults, and Depths. They chant for a
   few turns before corroding their victims' equipment terribly.
  • XP and placement for many uniques has been adjusted; in general, uniques have
 been removed from depths at which they're no longer threatening, and their XP
 has increased considerably.
  • rElec++ has been removed; monsters that previously had it now either have
 rElec+ or full immunity.
  • Non-magic-immune monsters are now always confuseable.
  • Revenants no longer ignore silence.
  • Phantasmal warriors' attacks no longer pierce shields & armour.
  • Death knights now have agony & haunt in addition to pain mirror.
  • Removed monsters:
 - Unborn.
 - Giant mites.


  • Enslavement is replaced by Tukima's Dance in the Enchanter starting book, and
 by Gell's Gravitas in the Arcane Marksman starting book. Tukima's Dance no
 longer appears in the Book of Enchantments.
  • Gell's Gravitas is now level 3 and smite-targeted, but no longer confuses
  • Summon Guardian Golem is now level 3.
  • Removed spells:
 - Sure Blade.
 - Enslavement.


  • The level map viewer (X) now allows you to examine monsters, items & features
 (with 'v'), just as the normal examine mode does.