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This article is about a previous release of Crawl. For information about other versions of Crawl, including the newest, see List of Stone Soup versions.

0.19 is a version of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. It was released on October 31st, 2016.


  • New gods: Uskayaw the Reveler and Hepliaklqana the Forgotten.
  • New portal: the Desolation of Salt.
  • Sif Muna and Nemelex Xobeh have been dramatically reworked.
  • Long blades have a new passive effect, 'riposte'.

Branches, Environment

  • New timed portal vault: the Desolation of Salt, appearing in Elf and Vaults.
    • Six new enemies, including swarms of fragile golems with supporting allies.
    • Open terrain layout with large, opaque clouds to use as cover.
    • Many powerful artefacts resting within ancient ruins.
  • Volcanoes are now much more dangerous, but offer better rewards.
  • Lair is now six floors (formerly eight).
  • Slime is now five floors (formerly six).
  • The Slime treasure vault's walls disappear entirely on their master's death.
  • Webs are no longer destroyed after creatures escape from them.
  • Beogh will no longer smite creatures that destroy orcish idols.
  • Lair and Orc no longer have ambient noise.
  • Storm cloud damage is more common and much less severe.
  • Non-opaque clouds created by the player vanish instantly when out of LOS.
  • The Orb's translocation restrictions now apply throughout the Zot branch.


  • Flight or transformations expiring over deep water or lava no longer causes instant death. Instead, they cause heavy drain over time until reaching land.
  • Potions, scrolls and books can be used while still on the floor.
  • Resistances granted by rN (to e.g. Pain effects) now scale with rN, only reaching full immunity at rN+++ (instead of at rN+).
  • Monks can now choose a weapon to start with.
  • Corrosion slaying penalties now affect unarmed & auxiliary attacks.
  • Spriggans can wield any weapons that kobolds and halflings can.
  • Kobolds and halflings rebalanced toward & away from casting, respectively.
  • Hidden "stealth factors" for species and forms are gone.
  • Vampire blood level effects have been simplified and reworked.
  • Bat form can quaff potions and open doors.
  • The undead always take stat damage if mutated, instead of sometimes rotting.
  • Temporary mutations only have a 50% chance of affecting the undead.
  • Mummy self-restoration has been removed.
  • The 'sustain abilities' effect has been removed.
  • Sickness no longer has a chance of damaging stats.
  • Issuing orders to allies no longer makes noise.
  • Climbing stairs takes slightly longer, but doesn't penalize EV.
  • Clarity provides immunity to sleep and fear.


  • New temple god: Uskayaw the Reveler.
    • Piety gained by dealing damage to enemies.
    • Piety decays extremely rapidly over time.
    • 1*: Stomp: deals damage to all adjacent enemies.
    • 2*: Line Pass: instantly travel through a line of enemies, confusing some.
    • Solo Time: on reaching 3*, briefly paralyse all visible enemies.
    • Pain Bond: on reaching 4*, all visible enemies begin sharing damage taken with each-other.
    • 5*: Grand Finale: blink into and instantly kill target monster.
  • New temple god: Hepliaklqana the Forgotten.
    • Grants a permanent customizeable ally, respawning on a delay after death. The ally automatically grows in strength as you level up.
    • Piety granted for exploration.
    • 0*: Recall: interlevel recall for your ally.
    • 2*: Remember Life: permanently make your ancestor a Hexer, Knight or Battlemage.
    • 3*: Transference: swap your ancestor with any creature in LOS, or yourself.
    • 4*: Idealise: heal your ancestor & temporarily increase their AC, damage and spellpower dramatically.
    • 5*: Transference drains enemies adjacent to the target.
  • Sif Muna changes:
    • The 1* Channel Energy ability is replaced with Divine Energy, which allows the player to cast with insufficient mp, causing temporary -Cast.
    • At 3*, grants "Channel Magic", trading piety for a fast MP regen status.
    • Book gifts now begin at 5*, instead of 6*.
    • Sif grants piety for both learning magic and killing enemies.
  • Nemelex Xobeh changes:
    • Now gifts decks of escape, destruction and summoning.
    • Drawing from decks and using Nemelex abilities now uses invocations, not evocations.
    • Identify scrolls can no longer be used on decks.
  • Beogh's water-walking always lasts until the player is on land.
  • Beogh no longer increases the benefits of armour and shields.
  • Dithmenos's Shadow Step can no longer be used on allies or while immobile.
  • Fedhas appreciates all corpse decay, and rots all corpses when the player leaves a level. Toadstool generation is an ability, instead of a 'p' effect.
  • Qazlal's cloud immunity applies to all clouds, not just the player's.
  • Jiyva's jelly paralyse ability has been removed.
  • Many divine abilities have had their hunger costs removed or increased.
  • Most gods that like killing are less particular about what you kill.
  • Piety decay over time has been streamlined and adjusted for most gods.
  • Gods that hate specific monsters no longer prevent you from enslaving them.
  • Pakellas has been removed.


  • Most targeters will be more intelligent when trying to maximize enemies hit.
  • In tiles, monster attitude is indicated with colored auras instead of icons.
  • The (p)rayer command is gone; pray at altars with > or <, as with shops.
  • Descriptions of monsters with multiple spellsets show which spells you've seen them cast.
  • Monster descriptions list their average max HP.
  • New auto_butcher option, which butchers edible corpses during autoexplore.


  • Fixed artefacts:
    • Firestarter and Frostbite now provide immunity to their cloud types.
    • The trident of the Octopus King enchantment bonus for wearing Octopus King rings is now +2 (prev. +1).
    • The Staff of Olgreb now has a fixed +9 enchantment.
    • The Sword of Zonguldrok no longer creates hostile dead or curses itself.
    • The arbalest 'Damnation' doesn't provides resistances, and does more damage.
    • The morningstar Eos takes Brilliance's halo, and no longer has -Tele.
    • Fencer's Gloves no longer increase Sbl/Lbl skill or provide +EV/AC, but let the player riposte with any weapon (details below).
    • Wyrmbane now has rC+ instead of +Rage.
    • The greatsling Punk has a unique 'acid' brand, instead of freezing.
  • Evocations:
    • Wands of random effects can no longer produce digging or disintegration.
    • Boxes of beasts and sacks of spiders have a fixed chance of destruction per-use, instead of a hidden charge count. They now stack.
    • Fans of gales & lamps of fire no longer summon elemental allies.
    • Phials of floods impact damage significantly reduced.
  • Players using long blades sometimes riposte when dodging attacks, launching instant, automatic counterattacks.
  • Weapons of protection give a temporary +7 AC on hit, replacing a passive +5.
  • Creatures that could be butchered for enchantable hides instead, with the same chance, leave behind the corresponding armour when killed.
  • Amulets of harm now increase damage dealt more than damage taken, and are no longer evil.
  • Elemental enhancers no longer penalise spells of the opposite element.
  • Jewellery acquirement creates twice as many randarts.
  • The *Confuse randart property is now *Slow.
  • Books can no longer be destroyed to forget spells.
  • Rods are created through misc. acquirement instead of staff acquirement.
  • It's no longer possible to acquire ammunition.
  • Renamed:
  • Removed:


  • New monsters
    • Bai Suzhen, a late-game draconian unique that casts Summon Hydra. When severely injured, she becomes a dragon ringed by storm clouds.
    • Meliai, bee priestesses that sting and smite in trios.
    • Dream sheep, pack monsters that put their enemies to sleep.
    • ...and the residents of the Desolation of Salt.
  • Uniques:
  • Zombies, skeletons, and simulacrula no longer hide damage taken, and display the full names of the monster they were created from.
  • Battlecry has been simplified, affecting all monsters of the same genus.
  • Blood saints's Legendary Destruction now casts two spells at a time.
  • Necromancers gain Bind Souls, reviving slain monsters as simulacrula.
  • Ghostly Fireball is now completely resistable by rN and causes draining.
  • Obsidian statues can Mesmerise.
  • Wizards and Ogre mages have split up and re-arranged their many spell sets to arrive at three sets each, with minimal overlap.
  • Spriggan air mages can no longer cast Control Winds.
  • Hellions no longer have fire resistance or cold vulnerability.
  • Deep elf archers no longer fire their bows in melee.
  • Death scarabs no longer trail miasma, but are somewhat tougher.
  • Tzitzimitl melee slows and rots victims, instead of creating miasma.
  • Ushabti gain Dispel Undead and Warning Cry, and their clouds are now miasma.
  • Friendly monsters will no longer open doors.
  • Jellies no longer eat unseen items for non-Jiyva worshippers.
  • Turtles no longer withdraw into their shells when injured.
  • Giant eyeballs charge up their paralysis-stare 50% faster.
  • Statues are now stabbable; obsidian & orange crystal statues gain sInv.
  • Renamed monsters:
    • Giant newt -> frilled lizard.
    • Giant frog -> bullfrog.
    • Giant gecko -> leopard gecko.
    • Giant leech -> tyrant leech.
    • Giant spore -> ballistomycete spore.
    • Giant orange brain -> glowing orange brain.
    • Greater naga -> nagaraja.
  • Removed monsters:


Stone Soup 0.19.1 (20161123) Bugfix Release

  • Demon tridents are two-handed for small races, as intended.
  • Allow Dith shadow to attack diagonally and to reach.
  • Many other bug-fixes and cleanups.