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This article is about a previous release of Crawl. For information about other versions of Crawl, including the newest, see List of Stone Soup versions.

0.2.0 is an old version of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, released on April 1, 2007.

Release notes

Stone Soup 0.2 (20070401)

  • Save and bones files formats changed, incompatible with 0.1.x.
  • Added a game tutorial.
  • More vaults and special level layouts.
  • New evasion model (from 4.1.2).
  • Revamped dungeon overview and character information screens.
  • Targeting interface keymaps changed.
  • 'v' examines monsters, items, etc., '?' gives help.
  • -macro option now specifies a directory, not the macro file.
  • Item colours changed.
  • Deeper dungeon levels can have multiple player ghosts.
  • Rods of striking also get magic reservoirs.
  • Removed unpoisoned needles and blowguns of venom.
  • Stash search also finds altars and portals.
  • Mutation and species abilities cleanup.
  • Sif Muna gives gifts on piety gain; Sif Munites do not need to pray.
  • Low-HD monsters are less likely to give piety when killed.
  • Fixed Pandemonium demons getting only magic dart.
  • Character names can now include spaces, dashes and periods. On Unix, character names can also end with a digit.
  • Adjusted beam to-hit calculation.
  • Weapons animated by Tukima's Dance are now considered thrown for autopickup purposes.
  • Crawl now tries to show error messages after curses cleanup, or before initialisation so that the user can see the error. :-)
  • Reduced orange statue attack speed.
  • Windows builds no longer use SHORT_FILE_NAMES.
  • In-game help browser.
  • Greedy explore now works in Pandemonium.
  • Stash tracker now also tracks item inscriptions.
  • Many item stacking bugs fixed.
  • Artifacts are described as such when (v)iewed.
  • The Hat of the Alchemist is now a real wizard hat, not a helmet.
  • Fixed identify not clearing empty inscription.
  • Fixed broken fear behaviour for monsters.
  • Shop purchase asks for confirmation.
  • Minor tweaks to some unrand artifacts.
  • Gourmand contaminated -> clean effect is also gradual now.
  • Searching is more effective.
  • New god.
  • Armour training tweaks.
  • Full herbivorousness now happens only at level 3 of the mutation.
  • Incremental butchering works now.
  • Poisoned arrows are more likely to give snakes than before with sticks-to-snakes.
  • Cannot shop while berserk.
  • Fixed some monster movement bugs.
  • Spriggans now start with slow metabolism and extra food, but are herbivores.
  • Assassins have a chance of starting with a few curare-tipped needles.
  • Rods are more common.
  • stop_travel messages can also stop run/rest, if the message interrupt is disabled for run/rest.
  • Better handling of monster-comes-into-view messages.
  • Zin will reliably feed you if you have sufficient piety and are starving.
  • Travel is no longer interrupted by submerged monsters.
  • Travel is no longer interrupted by an invisible monster missing you.
  • Blinking/teleporting monsters can no longer land on the player's square.
  • Fixed Abyss banishment crash.
  • Monster resists were not taking randarts into account in some cases.
  • Better handling for travel_delay = -1.
  • Monsters using draining or hellfire are M_EVIL and take damage from cleansing flame.
  • Show monster paralysis status when examined.
  • Carrying capacity shown in inventory menus is now maximum unburdened carrying capacity, not absolute maximum.
  • Flying monsters no longer avoid mechanical traps.
  • Items dropped onto an altar while praying will be sacrificed.
  • Jellies can no longer eat artifacts.
  • Enabling delay_message_clear uses a scrolling message window.
  • Fixed bug where statues could move around.
  • Added temporary pain-brand spell "Excruciating Wounds".
  • Fixed duplicated scroll labels.
  • Friendly monsters should not flee from the player.
  • Fixed detect creatures revealing monster identities in notes.
  • Fixed level-map crashes on large terms.
  • no_dark_brand defaults to true, since the option is otherwise too obscure to find (and the problem it addresses is widespread on Unix terms).
  • Added a synthetic cursor (use_fake_cursor = yes) for terms that cannot draw cursors on black/darkgrey spaces.
  • Summon horrible things now produces temporary summons.
  • Monster abjuration is weaker.
  • Deflect missiles is less effective.
  • Unseen horrors no longer resist electricity.
  • Greedy explore now tries to handle mimics like the items they imitate.
  • Dungeon builder guarantees that at least one downstair is reachable from the upstair on D:1, unless there is an enclosed entry vault.
  • Hydras get their full attack round vs other monsters.
  • Monsters fighting hydras can chop off heads if using suitable weapons/claws.
  • Interlevel travel handles branch entries and exits more intelligently.
  • Added wizmode &~ to instant travel to any level to test special levels.
  • Messages can be coloured individually using pattern matches with the message_colour option.
  • Monsters dying to friendlies' poison, or damaging clouds are now correctly attributed as collateral kills.