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This article is about a previous release of Crawl. For information about other versions of Crawl, including the newest, see List of Stone Soup versions.

0.22 is a version of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. It was released on August 10, 2018.


  • Player ghosts now only appear in sealed ghost vaults
  • New spell library interface
  • User interface revamp for Tiles and WebTiles

Branches, Environment

  • Player ghost vaults:
    • Ghosts now only appear in vaults sealed by runed doors or transporters.
    • The ghost is always visible from outside the vault through clear walls.
    • Dozens of new ghost vaults with a variety of themes. All contain loot, and many place other monsters with extra loot.
    • Each level from Dungeon:3 onwards has a fixed chance of placing a ghost vault in most connected branches.
  • Players on Abyss:1-4 will sometimes be drawn a level deeper, with the chance increasing based on XL and decreasing based on current depth.
  • The Hall of the Hellbinder WizLab has fewer higher-tier demons.
  • Two-headed ogres are less common in earlier dungeon levels.


  • The player can use wands in all forms.
  • The player can't order allies while confused.
  • The MP-powered wand mutation allows use of wands at 0 MP and is now considered a good mutation.


  • Dithmenos revamp:
    • Dithmenos's Shadow Step ability no longer requires the target monster to be 'still' and has an HP cost of 8% max HP.
    • Dithmenos no longer has an anti-fire conduct and allows use of fire-themed spells, items, and abilities.
    • Dithmenos is now an evil god, hence is hated by the good gods and holy monsters.
  • Fedhas' Sunlight is now the 1* ability and Evolution is now the 2* ability.
  • Makhleb's Major Destruction has its range increased to 7 and Minor Destruction has its range reduced to 5.
  • Yredelemnul's Enslave Soul ability is now smite-targeted.
  • Trog no longer has a Burn Spellbook ability.


  • In the Tiles minimap, the exploration horizon has a distinct colour.
  • WebTiles chat improvements (server support may vary):
    • The player can use `/mute' and `/unmute' commands on chatters.
    • The `/mutelist' command shows the current mute list.
    • The chat window has a minimize button that removes message notification.
    • The `/hide' and `/hide forever` commands minimize/remove the chat window.
  • Wands of digging now have a targeter showing the dig range.
  • Updated visual theme for Tiles and WebTiles.
  • Tiles and WebTiles informational screens now show tiles where appropriate.



  • Player ghosts can now follow the player through stairs.
  • Minotaur monsters have increased health, defenses, and HD. They also spawn with armour and either tomahawks or javelins.
  • Swamp worms and iron giants now have Harpoon Shot: a range 6 ability that fires a shot which pulls the player adjacent.
  • Harold has better melee damage and armour, and he places earlier. His Bolt of Fire and Blink spells are replaced with Harpoon Shot and Sentinel's Mark.
  • Jorgrun has Iron Shot instead of Shatter and places earlier.
  • Ilsuiw spawns on Shoals:2-4 instead of nearly always spawning on Shoals:4.
  • Engulf status from water elementals now blocks god abilities but no longer slows movement.
  • The Barb status from manticore barbs now counts any non-movement actions towards removing the status.
  • Swamp worms no longer spawn submerged in water.
  • Sojobo, air elementals, ball lightnings, and twisters have resistance to Tornado instead of resistance to all wind attacks.
  • Shock serpent retaliation now properly checks rElec.


  • Spell Library:
    • Spells from books are automatically added to a global library upon pickup.
    • Library spells can be memorized from anywhere through the 'M' screen.
    • Spellbooks are destroyed after their spells are added to the library.
    • Vehumet won't offer you a spell you already have in your library.
  • Borgnjor's Vile Clutch constriction damage is reduced by 25% and the spell is no longer in the Necromancer starting book (the Book of Necromancy).
  • Lee's Rapid Deconstruction can no longer destroy walls.
  • Ozocubu's Armour now expires immediately upon movement.
  • Spellcasting success rates no longer use a step-down, making L9 spells slightly easier to cast.
  • Passwall now has better range scaling, a lower max spellpower and a targeter to show its range.