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Version 0.23: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

0.23 is the most recent version of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. It was released on February 7th, 2019.


Branches, Environment

  • Traps have been overhauled:
    • Traps that generate on the ground are always revealed.
    • Exploration has a chance to trigger a "trap effect" independent from terrain traps. The possible effects are alarm, shaft, and teleport near monsters.
    • Monsters only trigger traps in sight of the player.
    • Alarm traps now always Mark the player whenever they are triggered in LOS.
    • Net traps now try to net the player whenever they are triggered in LOS.
    • New trap: dispersal trap. When triggered, every actor in sight of the trap is blinked.
    • Trap placement in Ossuaries, Zot:5, and Tomb has been overhauled. In Zot:5 and Tomb, all mechanical traps save for net traps have been removed.
    • Grate traps (triggered by pressure plates) have been removed.
  • A new Gauntlet portal that replaces Labyrinths:
    • Gauntlets have the player choose a path through several combat arenas, each of which contains (sometimes exotic) monsters and loot.
    • Access to each arena is one-way using transporters. Teleports and the Passage of Golubria spell are disabled.
    • All paths lead to the minotaur who guards the exit and a pile of treasure.
    • Gauntlets are found where Labyrinths previously generated.
  • Support for seeded play:
    • A new option for pregenerating the entire connected dungeon based on a fixed seed has been added. This takes a bit of time, but ensures that any playthroughs of a particular seed will use the same dungeon.
    • This option is not yet available for online play, but can be used offline. See the manual section "Seeded play" for details.
    • The dungeon RNG has been separated from the gameplay RNG to allow this feature to work.
    • Each game seed generates a unique dungeon (including layout and monster and item placement) that is always the same for the same version of Crawl, as long as levels are generated in the same order.
    • If you see that two games with the same seed generate a different dungeon, please report this as a bug!
  • New vaults: early thematic item shops and monsters guarding manuals, as well as new ghost vaults for many branches.
  • Translucent doors that can be seen through when closed have been added. These are used in most runed door vaults and in some Elf layouts.
  • Two new dungeon layouts enabled, one for Dungeon and one for Lair.
  • New early vaults featuring thematic item shops and monsters guarding manuals, as well as new ghost vaults for many branches.
  • Two new dungeon layouts enabled, one for Dungeon and one for Lair.
  • Translucent doors that can bee seen through when closed have been added and are now used in Elf layouts and some vaults, including most runed door vaults.


  • The player can no longer be put to sleep when paralysed or petrified.
  • Tengu Permanent Flight becomes immediately available at XL 5.
  • Tengu EV bonuses are no longer applied to +EV from equipment.
  • Wanderer starting spell libraries are announced along with equipment.
  • Wanderers that start with exactly one level 1 spell start with it memorized.


  • Nemelex Xobeh has been reworked:
    • Decks are are accessed through abilities and no longer exist as items.
    • Nemelex offers three abilities: "Draw Escape", "Draw Destruction", and "Draw Summoning", which provide card effects.
    • The deck abilities do not have rarities; card power levels are determined by invocations and piety alone.
    • Nemelex periodically adds cards to the three abstract decks.
    • Triple Draw works on the three decks as before, offering a choice of three cards. The piety cost is increased.
    • Deal Four deals four cards from a deck and has a reduced piety cost.
    • Stack Five constructs a player-ordered stack of five cards drawn from any of the three decks to be drawn later. Creating a new stack discards the old. The piety cost is the same as old stack five.
    • The Velocity card no longer hastes enemies, instead always slowing them with a chance proportional to power.
    • The Storm card has been revised. It now performs a wind blast followed by one to nine electrical explosions.
  • Elyvilon's Heal Other is adjusted:
    • The formula depends only on monster type, not specific monster max HP.
    • Player ghosts and Pandemonium lords are now immune.
    • The targeter displays the pacification chance.
  • Ashenzari protects followers from exploration based trap effects.
  • Qazlal's cloud immunity is extended to elementals created with Elemental Force.
  • Fedhas' protection of plants from player spells is extended to LOS-wide attack spells.
  • The acid damage from Makhleb's Minor Destruction has been reduced.
  • Exploration-based piety is no longer granted for the Temple, deep water, or lava.
  • Monster conversion for Beogh, Gozag's Bribe Branch, and Jiyva is attempted upon sight instead of on the turn after the monster enters LOS.


  • Spell damage message punctuation has been adjusted to reflect damage done using the same scale as melee damage.
  • Damage brand message punctuation has been similarly adjusted.
  • Monster descriptions in 'xv' display spell ranges.
  • The Religion screen '^' gains a fourth pane for gods that need Extra information:
    • Ashenzari displays information about bondage status.
    • Beogh displays a list of named followers, with gifts.
    • Gozag displays bribe information.
    • Hepliaklqana displays ancestor upgrades.
    • Nemelex Xobeh displays deck information.
    • Wu Jian displays information about martial attacks.
  • The Hepliaklqana ancestor reaching full health interrupts resting. The exact behavior of this interrupt can be configured by rest_wait_ancestor.
  • The new display_chars cloud_weak, cloud_fading, and cloud_terminal indicate remaining cloud duration in console.
  • WebTiles users can use a "Forgot Password" link to reset their password via a link sent to their registration email address. This feature is not yet enabled on most official servers.


  • Unrandart changes:
    • New Unrand: the +8 demon trident "Rift" {distort, reach+}. A distortion demon trident with a reaching range of 3 and smite targeted attack.
    • The Singing Sword's sonic damage effect is stronger, can trigger at low tension, and triggers only on-hit. It also gains the vorpal brand.
    • The Spriggan's Knife converts all stabs to sleep-tier stabs and loses Dex+4 and MR+.
    • The robe of Misfortune is +5 {*Contam *Corrode *Drain Harm *Slow EV+5} and is now always identified.
    • The sceptre of Torment is now a +7 eveningstar of pain, and its torment does not affect the wielder.
    • The arc blade's effect now casts static discharge only once, but at very high spellpower. The weapon's enchantment is now +8.
    • Finisher loses Str+3 and gains a chance to instant-explode the target.
    • The robe of Clouds is now +3 {+Thunder rCloud rElec}, providing evocable storm clouds in place of its old mist.
    • The storm bow no longer occasionally creates rain clouds.
    • The skin of Zhor gains SInv and a passive Metabolic Englaciation effect.
    • Unrandarts with melee effects that could anger nearby allies give a proper warning.
  • Wand charges for wands of digging, enslavement, flame, paralysis, polymorph, and random effects have been reduced.
  • Butchering a corpse always leaves a skeleton.
  • The blowgun targeter now displays the chance to affect the target.
  • Stash search can now search by handedness.


  • The custom `require` used in clua and dlua has been renamed `crawl_require`.
  • A new function `spells.path` has been added to the `spells` module to provide access to the targeter from clua.