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This article is about a previous release of Crawl. For information about other versions of Crawl, including the newest, see List of Stone Soup versions.

0.9.0 was released 8-12-2011.

Misc notes

Changes that didn't make it into the changelogs:

  • There is only one demonic rune, treated like the Abyssal rune.


Stone Soup 0.9 (20110812)

Disclaimer: These are merely the highlights, not an exhaustive list of changes. Save compatibility with the 0.8 release is retained, although once a game is loaded in 0.9, you can not go back to 0.8.

0.9 Highlights


  • Skill training: skills are trained immediately when XP is gained. The skills trained are the ones that have been used recently (auto) or the ones which have been selected (manual).
  • Skill costs: the XP to skill point ratio no longer depends on skill level.
  • Magic school skills early game discount removed.


  • Cheibriados gives full stat boost for fully ponderous, regardless of species.
  • Jiyva is a little less likely to remove mutations.
  • Improve Jiyva's stat shuffling, take skills and armour into account.
  • Makhleb has a new flavour description.
  • Nerf TSO's and Makhleb's HP and MP on kills.
  • Trog specialises in antimagic weapon gifts, gives fewer artefacts.
  • Trog dislikes it when you train magic skills.
  • Yred takes statue kills and forbids Statue Form.
  • Zin's Vitalisation is cheaper and cures petrification, stat boost stackable.
  • Don't allow avoiding good god wrath by swapping via another good god.
  • Ashenzari: Remove passive XP boost, add a skill boost depending on level of boundedness and which equipment is bound.
  • Ashenzari: reduce reskilling XP penalty and some ability piety costs.
  • Ashenzari wrath: reduce all skills for the duration of wrath.


  • +3 base HP for all characters.
  • Racial HP/MP gain is now displayed on a -3 to +3 scale (see ?%).
  • Fighting gives less HP boost.
  • All characters carry a bootknife to dissect corpses.
  • Hill Orc Priests always take on Beogh.
  • Berserkitis mutation triggers less often.
  • Tweak starting skills for a few backgrounds (Fi, Gl, Wr, CK).
  • Give Warpers a few more darts of dispersal.
  • Let Gladiators start with a cap if they can't wear helmets.
  • Start all Hunters with the same melee weapon.
  • Start Artificers with quarterstaves, instead of letting Monks choose them.
  • Rename Crusader to Skald, change starting book and skill levels.
  • Conjurers don't need to choose a book (they always get an Air/Ice book).
  • Felids: lose a level on death, gain at most nine lives, improved aptitudes.
  • Draconians are more dextrous.
  • Berserk speed-up reduced to that of haste (1.5 instead of 2).
  • All species take the same amount of time to use stairs.


  • New command: 'D'rop last. Drops the item(s) last picked up.
  • Auto-switch: bumping while wielding launcher switches to weapon in slots a/b.
  • Auto-switch: firing while wielding melee weapon switches to launcher in a/b.
  • Auto-explore tries to look at unreachable places.
  • Search: allows searching for portals, and for waypoints (Ctrl-F 1, Ctrl-F *).
  • Search: "branded" synonymous with "ego". Better help (Ctrl-F ?).
  • Search: only show items in a stash matching the search.
  • Search: allow searching for armour by equipment slot.
  • New help for skills screen (m??).
  • Change inventory colours for some potions.
  • Auto-pickup chunks after Animate Skeleton.
  • Allow toggling hit prediction with ':' in new targetting modes.
  • Cloud glyph in 7-bit ASCII is '0', not '#' anymore.
  • Prompt before leaving Ziggurat.
  • Better butchering messages, less spam.
  • Abort spellcasting in many cases where spells are guaranteed to fail.
  • Display -cTele on the status line where controlled teleports are blocked.
  • Allow redefining mimic glyphs, once identified.
  • Show percentage progress to the next level, instead of number of XP points.
  • Show 'chaotic' in monster status only when aiming silver ammo at them.
  • Show 'mindless' in monster status only when using Ely's healing abilities.



  • Catoblepas: a new hard-hitting yak-genus monster with petrifying breath.
  • Replace "gila monster" with "basilisk", complete with petrification.
  • Ignacio, a unique executioner of Makhleb, spawns in Pandemonium.
  • AI: monsters improve even signature weapons (e.g. Sigmund will use Finisher).
  • AI: confused high intelligence monsters don't move if next to a deadly cell.
  • Allow polymorphing demons into other similar-tier demons.
  • Snapping turtles and Geryon reach diagonally.
  • Give Shadow fiends and Tormentors a pain-branded melee attack.
  • Boost ghost moth damage, don't spawn them in Spider's Nests.
  • Fix random pan lords not getting Symbol of Torment in their spell sets.
  • Vampire bats are undead.
  • Monsters with mutagenic chunks leaves corpses less often.
  • Reaching over a hostile monster may hit the monster between you and target.
  • Kenku monsters come with gear, may spawn in the Abyss.
  • Rename "beast" to "hell beast".
  • Rename "megabat" to "bat".
  • Kobolds can (rarely) get crossbows.
  • Pikel: fixed bugs with freed monsters.
  • Adjust xp values for some monsters.
  • Disable feature mimics.


  • New branch endings: multiple Elf:5 maps, Zot entry vaults on D:27.
  • Many other new vaults, including serial vaults, traps, Abyss vaults.
  • Blink in the Abyss only blinks; does not teleport anymore.
  • Baileys are more sane in loot and threat.
  • Troves: fix some bugs, and additional quests.
  • Vestibule of Hell has its own monster set.
  • Don't place kobold/orc/jelly/bee special rooms in the Hells.

Orb run

  • Double the orb's weight.
  • Disable controlled teleports once the orb is picked up.
  • Orb run spawns are more likely to spawn near the player.
  • Teleportation may need longer to kick in.


  • Price reform: scrolls, potions, rings. Bad items cost more than 1 gold now.
  • Cards: the Orb (new card), destruction cards buffed.
  • Experience card gives less experience at low power.
  • Scroll of identify shows top card when used on deck of cards.
  • Picked up runes are no longer part of the inventory. They are listed in \.
  • Randarts with the *Rage property trigger berserk less often.
  • Modified spellbooks: Conjurations, Unlife, many elemental books.
  • Bucklers provide less SH.
  • Large rocks can (rarely) be generated on the dungeon floor.
  • Ammo of dispersal only disperses if it does damage.
  • Silver-branded ammo only does bonus damage to chaotic creatures.
  • Reduce silver and steel damage bonus.
  • Reflected missiles get their full range on the way back.
  • Randart heavy armours tend to come with better enchantment.
  • Wands and rods rely more strongly on Evocations skill.
  • Long blades: nerf double swords, buff demon blades, remove katanas.
  • Reduce demon whip and demon trident damage.
  • Remove knives. Change Spriggan's Knife from knife to dagger.
  • Make the Sword of Zonguldrok a double sword with the reaping brand.
  • Give Undeadhunter a disruption effect against undead instead of holy wrath.
  • Make Wyrmbane's enchantment increase whenever it kills a dragon.
  • Give Scythe of Curses draining brand, inflict necro miscasts on its targets.
  • Mace of Brilliance comes with a halo.
  • Singing Sword does sonic damage at high tension.
  • Bad unrandarts (Misfortune, Folly, Lear's) get a random appearance.
  • Make potions of berserk rage more common.


  • Display halo radius, fix information disparity between tiles and console.
  • Don't allow casting spells in -CAST equipment by clicking on spell icons.
  • Only flying pan lords have tiles with wings.
  • Many new or improved monster, dungeon and interface tiles.


  • Allow hiding the -cTele indicator with show_no_ctele.
  • Allow automatically assigning specific spells to letters with spell_slot.