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This article is about a previous release of Crawl. For information about other versions of Crawl, including the newest, see List of Stone Soup versions.

0.9.0 was released 12th Aug 2011.

Misc notes

Changes that didn't make it into the changelogs:

  • There is only one demonic rune, treated like the Abyssal rune.


Stone Soup 0.9 (20110812)

Disclaimer: These are merely the highlights, not an exhaustive list of changes. Save compatibility with the 0.8 release is retained, although once a game is loaded in 0.9, you can not go back to 0.8.

0.9 Highlights


  • Skill training: skills are trained immediately when XP is gained. The skills trained are the ones that have been used recently (auto) or the ones which have been selected (manual).
  • Skill costs: the XP to skill point ratio no longer depends on skill level.
  • Magic school skills early game discount removed.


  • Cheibriados gives full stat boost for fully ponderous, regardless of species.
  • Jiyva is a little less likely to remove mutations.
  • Improve Jiyva's stat shuffling, take skills and armour into account.
  • Makhleb has a new flavour description.
  • Nerf TSO's and Makhleb's HP and MP on kills.
  • Trog specialises in antimagic weapon gifts, gives fewer artefacts.
  • Trog dislikes it when you train magic skills.
  • Yred takes statue kills and forbids Statue Form.
  • Zin's Vitalisation is cheaper and cures petrification, stat boost stackable.
  • Don't allow avoiding good god wrath by swapping via another good god.
  • Ashenzari: Remove passive XP boost, add a skill boost depending on level of boundedness and which equipment is bound.
  • Ashenzari: reduce reskilling XP penalty and some ability piety costs.
  • Ashenzari wrath: reduce all skills for the duration of wrath.


  • +3 base HP for all characters.
  • Racial HP/MP gain is now displayed on a -3 to +3 scale (see ?%).
  • Fighting gives less HP boost.
  • All characters carry a bootknife to dissect corpses.
  • Hill Orc Priests always take on Beogh.
  • Berserkitis mutation triggers less often.
  • Tweak starting skills for a few backgrounds (Fi, Gl, Wr, CK).
  • Give Warpers a few more darts of dispersal.
  • Let Gladiators start with a cap if they can't wear helmets.
  • Start all Hunters with the same melee weapon.
  • Start Artificers with quarterstaves, instead of letting Monks choose them.
  • Rename Crusader to Skald, change starting book and skill levels.
  • Conjurers don't need to choose a book (they always get an Air/Ice book).
  • Felids: lose a level on death, gain at most nine lives, improved aptitudes.
  • Draconians are more dextrous.
  • Berserk speed-up reduced to that of haste (1.5 instead of 2).
  • All species take the same amount of time to use stairs.


  • New command: 'D'rop last. Drops the item(s) last picked up.
  • Auto-switch: bumping while wielding launcher switches to weapon in slots a/b.
  • Auto-switch: firing while wielding melee weapon switches to launcher in a/b.
  • Auto-explore tries to look at unreachable places.
  • Search: allows searching for portals, and for waypoints (Ctrl-F 1, Ctrl-F *).
  • Search: "branded" synonymous with "ego". Better help (Ctrl-F ?).
  • Search: only show items in a stash matching the search.
  • Search: allow searching for armour by equipment slot.
  • New help for skills screen (m??).
  • Change inventory colours for some potions.
  • Auto-pickup chunks after Animate Skeleton.
  • Allow toggling hit prediction with ':' in new targetting modes.
  • Cloud glyph in 7-bit ASCII is '0', not '#' anymore.
  • Prompt before leaving Ziggurat.
  • Better butchering messages, less spam.
  • Abort spellcasting in many cases where spells are guaranteed to fail.
  • Display -cTele on the status line where controlled teleports are blocked.
  • Allow redefining mimic glyphs, once identified.
  • Show percentage progress to the next level, instead of number of XP points.
  • Show 'chaotic' in monster status only when aiming silver ammo at them.
  • Show 'mindless' in monster status only when using Ely's healing abilities.



  • Catoblepas: a new hard-hitting yak-genus monster with petrifying breath.
  • Replace "gila monster" with "basilisk", complete with petrification.
  • Ignacio, a unique executioner of Makhleb, spawns in Pandemonium.
  • AI: monsters improve even signature weapons (e.g. Sigmund will use Finisher).
  • AI: confused high intelligence monsters don't move if next to a deadly cell.
  • Allow polymorphing demons into other similar-tier demons.
  • Snapping turtles and Geryon reach diagonally.
  • Give Shadow fiends and Tormentors a pain-branded melee attack.
  • Boost ghost moth damage, don't spawn them in Spider's Nests.
  • Fix random pan lords not getting Symbol of Torment in their spell sets.
  • Vampire bats are undead.
  • Monsters with mutagenic chunks leaves corpses less often.
  • Reaching over a hostile monster may hit the monster between you and target.
  • Kenku monsters come with gear, may spawn in the Abyss.
  • Rename "beast" to "hell beast".
  • Rename "megabat" to "bat".
  • Kobolds can (rarely) get crossbows.
  • Pikel: fixed bugs with freed monsters.
  • Adjust xp values for some monsters.
  • Disable feature mimics.


  • New branch endings: multiple Elf:5 maps, Zot entry vaults on D:27.
  • Many other new vaults, including serial vaults, traps, Abyss vaults.
  • Blink in the Abyss only blinks; does not teleport anymore.
  • Baileys are more sane in loot and threat.
  • Troves: fix some bugs, and additional quests.
  • Vestibule of Hell has its own monster set.
  • Don't place kobold/orc/jelly/bee special rooms in the Hells.

Orb run

  • Double the orb's weight.
  • Disable controlled teleports once the orb is picked up.
  • Orb run spawns are more likely to spawn near the player.
  • Teleportation may need longer to kick in.


  • Price reform: scrolls, potions, rings. Bad items cost more than 1 gold now.
  • Cards: the Orb (new card), destruction cards buffed.
  • Experience card gives less experience at low power.
  • Scroll of identify shows top card when used on deck of cards.
  • Picked up runes are no longer part of the inventory. They are listed in \.
  • Randarts with the *Rage property trigger berserk less often.
  • Modified spellbooks: Conjurations, Unlife, many elemental books.
  • Bucklers provide less SH.
  • Large rocks can (rarely) be generated on the dungeon floor.
  • Ammo of dispersal only disperses if it does damage.
  • Silver-branded ammo only does bonus damage to chaotic creatures.
  • Reduce silver and steel damage bonus.
  • Reflected missiles get their full range on the way back.
  • Randart heavy armours tend to come with better enchantment.
  • Wands and rods rely more strongly on Evocations skill.
  • Long blades: nerf double swords, buff demon blades, remove katanas.
  • Reduce demon whip and demon trident damage.
  • Remove knives. Change Spriggan's Knife from knife to dagger.
  • Make the Sword of Zonguldrok a double sword with the reaping brand.
  • Give Undeadhunter a disruption effect against undead instead of holy wrath.
  • Make Wyrmbane's enchantment increase whenever it kills a dragon.
  • Give Scythe of Curses draining brand, inflict necro miscasts on its targets.
  • Mace of Brilliance comes with a halo.
  • Singing Sword does sonic damage at high tension.
  • Bad unrandarts (Misfortune, Folly, Lear's) get a random appearance.
  • Make potions of berserk rage more common.


  • Display halo radius, fix information disparity between tiles and console.
  • Don't allow casting spells in -CAST equipment by clicking on spell icons.
  • Only flying pan lords have tiles with wings.
  • Many new or improved monster, dungeon and interface tiles.


  • Allow hiding the -cTele indicator with show_no_ctele.
  • Allow automatically assigning specific spells to letters with spell_slot.