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Version 0.23: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Altars are religious structures that allow you to interact with the various gods of Crawl. Each altar is dedicated to a single god. You can convert to a god's religion by praying (command < or >) at their altar. When you do this, you will be shown a description of the god and asked if you're sure you want to worship them, just in case. Altars are irrelevant to a religion once you've joined it.

Worshiping a god will provide you with several useful abilities, but often comes with an associated cost or set of restricted actions. Failing to follow your god's code of conduct will result in being stripped of your benefits until you've made penance; you may also have to deal with divine retribution. As such, make your choice of god carefully.

Altars to most gods can be found at the Ecumenical Temple (found somewhere along Dungeon:4 to 7). If you don't see a particular god's altar there, you are guaranteed to see one somewhere between D:2-9, though additional altars may appear in various vaults scattered throughout the rest of the dungeon branches. The only exceptions to this rule are:

  • altars to Beogh (appear in or around the Orcish Mines, and hill orcs may convert to Beogh's service any time an orc priest is in view)
  • altars to Lugonu (appear in the Abyss and rare Abyss-themed vaults, including the corrupted version of the Ecumenical Temple)
  • altars to Jiyva (appear in or around the Slime Pits and very rare Slime-themed vaults, including a different corrupted version of the Temple).


Ashenzari altar.png

A shattered altar of Ashenzari.

This crystal altar shattered to pieces when Ashenzari was cursed. But still, there is power here: a dark aura holds the shards in mid-explosion, suspended in time and space much like the god they herald.


Beogh altar.png

A roughly hewn altar of Beogh.

An altar to Beogh, unmistakably roughly hewn by orcish artisans.


Cheibriados altar.png

A snail-covered altar of Cheibriados.

This altar seems somehow more stationary than the others.


Dithmenos altar.png

A shadowy altar of Dithmenos.

This altar to Dithmenos the Shadowed seems to absorb light from its surroundings.


Elyvilon altar.png

A white marble altar of Elyvilon.

An altar to Elyvilon the Healer, made from purest white marble and topped by a sculpture of the Chalice of Purification.


Fedhas altar.png

A blossoming altar of Fedhas Madash.

An altar to Fedhas Madash, covered in vibrant and colourful plant life.


Gozag altar.png

An opulent altar of Gozag.

This glittering golden and bejewelled altar to Gozag Ym Sagoz the Greedy gleams brightly, even in the dim dungeon light.


Hepliaklqana altar.png

A hazy altar of Hepliaklqana.

An altar to Hepliaklqana the Forgotten, shrouded in mist and difficult to make out clearly. Something about it seems terribly familiar, but it's impossible to say exactly why.


Jiyva altar.png

A viscous altar of Jiyva.

A slimy, ever-shifting altar to Jiyva. You're not sure what it's made from, and you don't really want to know.


Kikubaaqudgha altar.png

An ancient bone altar of Kikubaaqudgha.

Ancient bones were piled here to form an altar to the terrible Demon-God Kikubaaqudgha.


Lugonu altar.png

A corrupted altar of Lugonu.

An altar to Lugonu the Unformed, possibly dedicated to some other power before it was irrevocably corrupted.


Makhleb altar.png

A burning altar of Makhleb.

An ever-burning altar to Makhleb the Destroyer. Strange, twisting shapes are visible in the flames.


Nemelex altar.png

A sparkling altar of Nemelex Xobeh.

This altar sparkles with a lightshow greater than any gambling den's to attract followers for Nemelex Xobeh.


Okawaru altar.png

An iron altar of Okawaru.

An altar of iron and steel dedicated to the Warmaster Okawaru. Its edges are surprisingly sharp.


Qazlal altar.png

A stormy altar of Qazlal.

Fierce winds, electrical discharges, puffs of fire and magma, and the occasional tremor surround this altar to Qazlal Stormbringer.


Ru altar.png

A sacrificial altar of Ru.

An altar to Ru the Awakened in the shape of a scales with a heart in one scale and a pictogram representing power and enlightenment in the other.

Sif Muna

Sif muna.png

A deep blue altar of Sif Muna.

An altar of the deepest blue, covered in intricate patterns and writings in long forgotten scripts, devoted to Sif Muna the Loreminder.


Trog altar.png

A bloodstained altar of Trog.

An altar to Trog the Wrathful, crudely made by what seems to be the hands of giants and covered in bloodstains


Uskayaw altar.png

A hide-covered altar of Uskayaw.

An altar to Uskayaw the Reveler. It appears to be hollow and covered in a hide, giving it a resonant surface. Carvings on the side depict grouped figures that could be dancing or loving or fighting.


Vehumet altar.png

A radiant altar of Vehumet.

An altar, ablaze in the lights of Iskenderun and promising great destructive powers to those who would follow Vehumet.

Wu Jian

Wu jian altar.png

An ornate altar of the Wu Jian Council.

A red and gold altar to the Wu Jian Council. Sharp slivers of steel drift through the quiet air surrounding it.


Xom altar.png

A shimmering altar of Xom.

This altar constantly shimmers in all visible colours and probably some invisible ones, too, matching the whims of Xom the Unpredictable, to whom it is dedicated.


Yredelemnul altar.png

A basalt altar of Yredelemnul.

An altar to Yredelemnul the Dark, worked from columnar basalt.


Zin altar.png

A glowing silver altar of Zin.

An altar to Zin the Law-Giver, made from silver as pristine as Zin's followers are expected to be, and glowing gently.

The Shining One

The shining one altar.png

A glowing golden altar of The Shining One.

An altar to the Shining One, made from the purest gold and almost blinding in its radiance.

Faded Altar

Faded altar.png

A faded altar to an unknown god.

An ancient altar, stripped of all identifying characteristics by the passage of time. Praying at it will convert you to an unknown god, and the altar's deity will greatly appreciate conversion at so ancient a site of worship.

Praying at a faded altar will convert you to a random god. This poses a risk, however, as the god may greatly clash with your strategy (getting Sif Muna for a melee character or Trog for a caster). To compensate, you'll begin with 20 extra piety. As their piety systems are unusual, Gozag waives the entry fee and Ru immediately offers a sacrifice.


  • Prior to 0.19, praying at altars was done with p.
  • Prior to 0.17, Zin's donation, and Lugonu, The Shining One, and Kikubaaqudgha's gifts could only be performed/recieved at altars. All of these have since been made into abilities.
  • Faded Altars were added in 0.17.