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A talisman to be worn as jewellery around the neck, charged with arcane powers of unknown provenance.

“Gringoire put out his hand for the little bag, but she drew back. 'Do not touch it! It is an amulet, and either you will do mischief to the charm, or it will hurt you.'”
-Victor Marie Hugo, _Notre Dame de Paris_, Book II, chapter VII “A Wedding Night”. 1831.

An amulet is a type of jewellery. Regardless of species, all characters may wear only one amulet at a time.

There are ten types of amulets, in addition to artefact amulets. For a list of unrandart artefact amulets, see List of unrands:

Obsolete Amulets

Standard Amulet amethyst.png Amulet beryl.png Amulet blue.png Amulet bone.png Amulet brass.png Amulet bronze.png
Amulet cabochon.pngAmulet cameo.png Amulet citrine.png Amulet copper.png Amulet diamond.png Amulet emerald.png
Amulet filigree.png Amulet fluorescent.png Amulet garnet.png Amulet golden.png Amulet jade.png Amulet jasper.png
Amulet lapis lazuli.png Amulet malachite.png Amulet pearl.png Amulet peridot.png Amulet platinum.png Amulet ruby.png
Amulet sapphire.png Amulet silver.png Amulet soapstone.png Amulet steel.png Amulet zirconium.png
Artefact Amulet azure.png Amulet cluster.png Amulet drop.png Amulet knot.png
Amulet scarab.png Amulet skull.png Amulet spider.png Amulet sun.png
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