Amulet of Cekugob

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.
A strange-looking piece of crystal on an ordinary-looking string, with an odd selection of powers.

Amulet of cekugob.png the amulet of Cekugob
Dismissal ego
+1 AC
+1 EV
Prevents teleportation


Most characters will find this amulet useful, but only as a switch. It provides two levels of negative energy resistance, and thus can quickly render you drain-resistant if you find yourself looking down a shadow dragon's maw, and electricity resistance is fantastic when facing Nikola, storm dragons, or an electric golem. Don't leave it on, though; the -TELE can sometimes cost you your life.


This amulet, along with its base type amulet of dismissal, was retired in 0.19

Prior to 0.18, the amulet of Cekugob used an amulet of warding as its base type.

Prior to 0.16, this amulet sped up metabolism.

One of the oldest artefacts, it also used to provide rF+ and rC+. Sadly, that made it somewhat game-breaking, so these were removed in the pre-DCSS days.