Amulet of dismissal

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.
Type Jewellery
Name Amulet of dismissal
Icon Amulet of dismissal.png
An amulet which generates a field of translocational energy that will teleport away creatures that harm you, one time in ten. It takes a few moments to get used to the translocational energy field, initially disorienting the wearer for a few turns.

Wearing an amulet of dismissal causes attackers who harm you to be teleported away 10% of the time. When you first equip the amulet, you receive 1d3+2 turns of the vertigo effect, which decreases your EV, spellcasting success, and chance to hit.

The unrandart Amulet of Cekugob uses an amulet of dismissal as its base type as of 0.18.


  • This amulet is a suitable option for ranged attackers or spellcasters who generally don't want to be within melee range of anything. It is less useful for melee fighters, as you are likely to dismiss an enemy just before it receives a killing blow. Given the usefulness of other amulets, it should only be worn if nothing else is available, or potentially not worn at all.
  • The vertigo penalties applied by this amulet when first worn can be quite dangerous if it is swapped in during combat, especially to fragile spellcasters. Avoid doing this during combat if possible.
  • This amulet may be helpful after the player has picked up the Orb of Zot (i.e. during ascension).


The amulet of dismissal was removed in 0.19.

The amulet of dismissal was added in 0.18.

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