Amulet of the acrobat

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Version 0.21: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Type Jewellery
Name Amulet of the acrobat
Icon Amulet of the acrobat.png
An amulet that allows the user to tumble and roll to evade the blows of their enemies, but only while moving and waiting. While taking other actions the amulet conveys no benefits. In order to function, it must first attune itself to the wearer's body at full health.

Wearing an amulet of the acrobat grants a tremendous +15 boost to evasion, but only on turns in which you make no actions other than moving or waiting. Riposte attacks and minotaur headbutt counters negate this benefit, as do the moving attacks of Wu Jian followers.

This amulet grants no benefit unless it attunes itself to the wearer, which occurs at full health.


Gaining +15 EV is certainly a powerful effect, but having it depend upon the wearer doing nothing aggressive is a bit disappointing. Even if you happen to be able to poison or sticky flame an enemy, or summon allies to fight for you as you dance around, those turns are likely better spent with you attacking as well. With the possible exception of letting Petrify-based stabbers survive while they wait for their spell to kick in, this amulet is simply not designed with offense in mind.

Instead, consider it a defensive tool for scenarios where you don't intend to kill everything, such as when ninja-ing runes or fleeing from a bad situation. In the early game especially, this boost can render threats such as centaurs and killer bees much more manageable, allowing you to reposition yourself or flee the floor without taking nearly as much damage. Just remember that there are plenty of threats that ignore EV entirely.


The amulet of the acrobat will be added in 0.22.

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