Arc Blade

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Version 0.21: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
A blade somehow crafted from pure electricity. Striking an enemy with it occasionally unleashes a static discharge.

Arc blade.png the +4 arc blade

+4 rapier

33.3% chance: Casts Static Discharge on the target


The arc blade is a very solid weapon for the early- and mid-game. The damage output from Static Discharge can quickly take down most early uniques and many later threats, especially if your Short Blades skill is sufficient to reach min delay. Against crowds, the damage instead spreads out, a useful effect if you can fight foes in a bottleneck.

Against electric-resistant targets, however, this weapon is no better than a +4 rapier that happens to grant rElec. Carrying an alternate weapon is strongly advised, as electricity resistance is very common later on.

Be careful of using this weapon near summons, allies, and, if you're a Fedhas worshipper, plants.


The arc blade was introduced in 0.14.

Prior to 0.15, it was a +3, +5 weapon.

Prior to 0.16, it was a cutlass.