Avatar Song

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Version 0.27: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Sings a powerfully haunting song; in addition to making nearby victims unwilling to move away from the singer, it calls forth drowned souls from any nearby bodies of deep water.

Avatar Song mesmerises the player, preventing them from intentionally moving away from the caster. It also prevents the player from going berserk. While the song continues, drowned souls are continuously summoned from nearby patches of deep water, and the caster may attempt to lure the player towards them one space at a time. This will never pull the player into deadly terrain like deep water, but it can pull them out of cover.

A player with clarity cannot be affected by this spell, and its effects can be resisted with magic resistance. Once a player has been mesmerised, they can break out of it by breaking LOS with the caster (scroll of fog, uncontrolled blink, or teleport), by silencing either the player or the caster, or by killing or otherwise incapacitating the caster (confusing, petrifying, terrifying, etc. all work; do note that merfolk avatars have enough magic resistance to make hexing them very difficult).

The following enemies cast Avatar Song:


Prior to 0.20, you could break out of the spell by making a sufficiently loud noise (such as from a scroll of noise).