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Version 0.12: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Bad forms is the name given to the transmutations the player character can suffer when affected by a beam of polymorph, a weapon of chaos or a Transmutations miscast effect. Beams can always be resisted with magic resistance if the player didn't zap himself. Mutation resistance doesn't work, but undead players and those already affected by a bad form are immune. Followers of Zin can be protected by their god.

These are all the transmutations that can happen:

Transmutations which usually are cancellable, like Ice Form, become uncancellable.

Tips and Tricks

If you get polymorphed into something that is very bad in your current situation (e.g. being immobilized by tree form), a wand of polymorph can switch your transformation to something possibly better.


Most bad forms were added in 0.12