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''For a list of all statues, see [[Statue]].''
''For a list of all statues, see [[Statue]].''
{{monster info|block of ice shaped block of ice}}
|name=block of ice shaped block of ice
|tile=[[File:Block of ice shaped block of ice.png]]
|flags={{No exp gain flag}}<br>{{Stationary flag}}
|resistances={{Cold resistance 3}}, {{Poison resistance}}, <br>{{Negative energy resistance 3}}, {{Torment resistance}}, <br>{{Rot resistance 3}}, {{Drown resistance}}, <br>{{Water resistance}}
|vulnerabilities={{Fire vulnerability}}
|meat={{No corpse}}
|speed= 10
|item_use={{Starting equipment}}<br>{{Open doors}}
|intelligence={{Plant intelligence}}
|genus=block of ice
|species=block of ice
{{Flavour|A large block of ice that is quickly melting.}}
==Useful Info==
==Useful Info==

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For a list of all statues, see Statue. block of ice shaped block of ice

Useful Info

Blocks of ice are harmless, fragile statues left behind by enemies slain by Glaciate.

Tips & Tricks

Much like pillars of salt, these will melt away on their own after a few turns. Don't bother smashing them unless you need to get through.

These blocks of ice cannot be affected by Lee's Rapid Deconstruction.


Blocks of ice were added in 0.14.