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Name Blowgun
Skill Throwing
Damage 0
Accuracy +2
Base delay (%) 100%
"%" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 100.
Min delay {{{mindelay}}}
"{{{mindelay}}}" is not a number.
Hands 1.5H
Size Little
Ranged? [[Is ranged::Needles required]]

A blowgun is a simple ranged weapon whose use is governed by the Throwing skill. It is a long, light tube, open at both ends. It is not intended to cause much damage; its main use is to fire branded needles from afar, inflicting a wide variety of status effects. It makes very little noise, making it an excellent stealth weapon, and with curare-tipped needles, it can take down even strong monsters. The only brand blowguns can have is speed.

It is the only ranged weapon capable of being fired while trapped in a throwing net.

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