Bolt of Draining

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Version 0.17: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Bolt of draining.png Bolt of Draining
Level 5
School1 Conjuration
School2 Necromancy
Casting noise 2
Spell noise 0
This spell hurls a deadly bolt of negative energy, which drains the life from any living creature it strikes.
Spell Details
Damage Formula 4d(3.75+Power*3/20)
Max Damage 4d33 negative energy
Max Power 200
Range 6
Targeting Bolt
To-hit 8+Power/20
Special Draining

Bolt of Draining is a level 5 Conjurations/Necromancy spell which fires a bolt of negative energy, dealing damage and draining any creatures in its path. It functions much like a more powerful wand of draining with reduced range (range 8 vs. range 6, and it loses one square of range each time it hits something). Negative energy resistance reduces the damage dealt by this spell by 50% (rN+), 75% (rN++), or 100% (rN+++).


Bolt of Draining is effective at softening up or destroying rows of dangerous natural monsters. On one hand, many dangerous late game monsters (including all undead and demons) are partially or completely immune to its effects (which is almost irrelevant for 3 rune game). On the other hand, undead immunity means you can send hordes of undead minions at your foes and shoot Bolts of Draining through them without any risk of harming them, and Orb Guardians, draconians, and almost all giants are still quite susceptible to its damage, which makes this spell quite effective in Zot. Excellent spell overall, especially when coupled with Dispel Undead.

Monster Version

Many monsters are capable of casting Bolt of Draining with extremely irritating results; a loss of skill levels which only disappears after you've gained sufficient experience.

The following enemies cast Bolt of Draining:

The following enemies may be able to cast Bolt of Draining, depending on their spell set:


Prior to 0.14, Bolt of Draining was a level 6 spell.