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===[[Bolt of Draining]]===
===[[Bolt of Draining]]===
*Level 6, [[Necromancy]]/[[Conjurations]]
*Level 5, [[Necromancy]]/[[Conjurations]]
*Deals [[negative energy]] damage
*Deals [[negative energy]] damage
*Inflicts [[draining]]
*Inflicts [[draining]]

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Version 0.21: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

The Bolt spells are a series of mid-level Conjurations spells which all function similarly, hitting multiple targets along their line of effect. Although there is some variance in their damage output, range, and spell level, they all behave in nearly the same fashion.

Bolt of Fire

Bolt of Magma

Bolt of Cold

Lightning Bolt


Venom Bolt

Bolt of Draining


  • Power determined by Evocations
  • Only available through a lightning rod
  • Zapping consecutively changes the behavior of the bolt; aiming for a different target creates a wide spray that covers the area between the previous bolt and the current bolt
  • Deals electricity damage; deals less damage when spread over a wide area
  • Does not bounce off walls
  • Range 6, undiminished by hitting targets

Corrosive Bolt


Before 0.21, there was a wand version of Lightning Bolt that used Evocations to determine spell power.

Before 0.20, there were special evocable items called rods, one of which, the Rod of inaccuracy, could fire a powerful but highly inaccurate bolt spell called Bolt of Inaccuracy. There was also a Rod of ignition could fire a special version of Bolt of Fire named Explosive Bolt.

0.18 added a player-usable version of Corrosive Bolt in the form of wands of acid.

Before 0.18, there were wands of fire, cold, and draining that were like their corresponding elemental bolt spells, but used Evocations to determine spell power. There was also another evocable item called a Rod of destruction, which had a special bolt spell called Random Bolt.

0.17 added Corrosive Bolt.

Before 0.16, there was an evocable item called a Tome of destruction, which could fire a number of these bolt spells.

Random Bolt was added in 0.14.

The term 'bolt' did not always refer only to spells which can hit multiple targets in a line. Notably, the spell Iron Shot went through the names Bolt of Iron and Iron Bolt before being renamed Iron Shot to avoid confusion. Also, Throw Icicle was renamed from Ice Bolt for the same reason.

Note that although the spell from a pre-0.13 rod of striking is described as a 'force bolt', it is not a bolt spell and does not penetrate.