Bolt spells

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Version 0.28: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

The Bolt spells are a series of mid-level Conjurations spells which all function similarly, hitting multiple targets along a freely selectable line of effect. Although there is some variance in their damage output, range, and spell level, they all behave in nearly the same fashion. Most of these spells have been removed from player libraries, but many of them still exist via other forms.



Lightning Bolt

Borgnjor's Vile Clutch

  • Level 5, Earth Magic/Necromancy
  • Deals physical damage over time
  • Constricts most foes, pinning them in place, wasting their turns, and reducing their EV.
  • Range 6



  • Power determined by Evocations
  • Only available through a lightning rod
  • Zapping consecutively changes the behavior of the bolt; aiming for a different target creates a wide spray that covers the area between the previous bolt and the current bolt
  • Deals electricity damage; deals less damage when spread over a wide area
  • Does not bounce off walls
  • Range 6, undiminished by hitting targets

Corrosive Bolt

Greater Destruction

Makhleb's Greater Destruction will fire a bolt spell, some of which are now exclusive to this ability:

Bolt of Fire

  • Deals fire damage
  • Range 7

Bolt of Magma

  • Deals partially irresistible fire damage
  • Range 5

Bolt of Draining

Greater Destruction can also fire Lightning Bolt and Corrosive Bolt.


Bolt of Cold

  • Deals cold damage
  • Range 6

Bolt of Magma

  • Deals partially irresistable fire damage
  • Range 5

Venom Bolt

  • Deals partially irresistable poison damage
  • Inflicts poison.
  • Range 6