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{{spellbook info}}
|itemtype = Book
|name = Book of Battle
|weight = 7.0
{{Flavour|A book of spells used by skalds, whose battle songs grant them magical help.}}
The '''Book of Battle''' is the starting [[spellbook]] for [[Skald]]s.
The '''Book of Battle''' is the starting [[spell book]] for [[Skald]]s.
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The Book of Battle was added in [[0.13]].
*The Book of Battle was added in [[0.13]].
[[Category:Starting book]]
[[Category:Starting Books|{{#invoke:String|sort_key}}]]

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Spellbook.png Book of Battle
Primary school Charms
Rarity 5/20
A book of battle songs, containing spells to assist in combat.

The Book of Battle is the starting spell book for Skalds.


Tile Spell Type Level
Infusion.png a - Infusion Charms 1
Shroud of golubria.png b - Shroud of Golubria Charms/Translocation 2
Song of slaying.png c - Song of Slaying Charms 2
Spectral weapon.png d - Spectral Weapon Charms/Hexes 3
Regeneration.png e - Regeneration Charms/Necromancy 3


  • The Book of Battle was added in 0.13.