Book of Flames

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Version 0.18: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Type Book
Name Book of Flames
The standard text used in arcane academies by students of the elemental magic of Fire.

The Book of Flames is the starting spellbook for Fire Elementalists.


Tile Spell Type Level
Flame tongue.png a - Flame Tongue Conjuration/Fire 1
Throw flame.png b - Throw Flame Conjuration/Fire 2
Conjure flame.png c - Conjure Flame Conjuration/Fire 3
Inner flame.png d - Inner Flame Fire/Hexes 3
Sticky flame.png e - Sticky Flame Conjuration/Fire 4
Fireball.png f - Fireball Conjuration/Fire 5


The beginner's book for Fire Elementalists. What it lacks in defensive magic, it makes up for in longevity.

The offensive magic in this book can set you up for most of the game. Flame Tongue starts out weak, but gains power and distance as its spell power increases. Throw Flame is a fairly effective offensive spell that will let you strike enemies at long range in the early game, however it puts out less damage than Flame Tongue can at the same power due to having a higher miss chance. Use Conjure Flame to block corridors while attacking or escaping, or create a line of them for mindless or high-HD enemies to walk through. Sticky Flame has a suicidal range of 1, but does good initial damage and lights the target on fire, dealing tremendous damage over time. Many early and mid game enemies will die in a single casting of this spell. Lastly, Fireball has great range (due to its blast shape) and never misses. This makes it useful for striking enemies prone to dodging your magic (such as killer bees) and enemies standing close to each other. It also deals appreciable damage, but is quite loud and apt to attract a crowd.

The only dubious spell in the set is Inner Flame, which causes an enemy to explode upon death. Used correctly, you can deal tremendous damage to multiple enemies early in the game. Used incorrectly, you'll blow yourself to bits.

All in all, a great starting book in the long run, with its only major difficulties being the early game and fire resistant enemies. Look for the Book of Fire for more advanced Fire Magic.