Call Imp

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Call imp.png Call Imp
Level 2
School1 Summoning
Casting noise 2
Spell noise 0
This spell calls forth a minor demon from the pits of Hell.

Call Imp is a level 2 Summonings spell which temporarily summons a friendly little imp. Possible summons include, in order of weighting:

The percentages above are based on the lowest possible spell power. As spell power rises, the percentages shift more and more in favor of the bottom two imps.


Call Imp is a versatile and powerful spell that is also cheap and easy to cast. It can be spammed as early as D:2 to quickly defeat early threats such as uniques, ogres, and worms. You only get one imp per cast, but they can be any of four types with varied and useful abilities.

Standard crimson imps are difficult to kill and deal good damage if you instruct them to pick up a weapon (Ctrl-T, a). White imps are useful for slowing cold-blooded foes, and have strong distance attacks. Shadow imps can cast Animate Dead, giving you permanent zombies or skeletons to fight on your side. Iron imps are slow, but hit as hard as war dogs and are tough to take down.

Tips & Tricks

After a skirmish that results in numerous or high-value corpses, cast Call Imp repeatedly until you generate a shadow imp (be patient), then wait the 50 or so turns for the shadow imp to "throw its arms wide" and animate all the corpses. A hydra or hill giant zombie can be a huge force multiplier if you yourself lack Necromancy.