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Cheating is the act of doing things not intended by developers or considered to be against the "spirit" of the game.

Not cheating

  • Using wizard mode to test things out, before trying it in a legit game.
  • Reading spoilers

Degenerate behavior

  • All forms of scumming
  • Deleting level files


Save scumming

Save scumming is creating a back-up save file in case your character dies. Thus, eliminating the permanency of death.

Abusing the random number generator

A sufficiently determined player can find the seed of the random number generator after starting the game and then use it to his or her advantage.

Selectively deleting ghost files

It is possible to delete ghost files. If you do this selectively, deleting only the ones that you think will kill you again, this is cheating. If you always delete all ghost files including ones you would be glad to find, this is not cheating as it is the equivalent of playing every game on a fresh install.

Leaving weak ghosts behind

When players die they may leave a ghost on that level. Players can create high level characters and give them major weaknesses, before killing them. When they encounter the weak ghost later on, they can kill them and get tons of XP early on.