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Cheibriados altar.png "Take it easy."

Cheibriados the Contemplative is a god who meditates on the mystery of time. Those who choose to follow this god's path will learn to eschew unnecessary haste, slow down both themselves and others, and hurt those who refuse to slow down. Especially devoted followers may even temporarily abandon the flow of time and its needless disturbances. Cheibriados rewards worshipers who slay creatures who are faster than they are.


  • Killing creatures that are faster than you, with a chance of a large piety increase for much faster creatures and ones with high HD ("Cheibriados (thoroughly) appreciates the change of pace").


  • Increasing your speed by any means: this includes Haste, going berserk, Swiftness, weapons with the speed brand, quick blades, and boots of running. You may not haste enemies, either. If the item causing haste, berserk, etc. was unidentified, or you were berserked/hasted against your will (moth of wrath, berserk mutation), Cheibriados will block the haste and not punish you for it. The message will say the protection was "just this once," but there is no actual limit on it. Do note that an identified wand of random effects will be punished by Chei if you use it and it produces one of the forbidden effects.

Given Abilities

Piety Level -: "Timekeeper"

  • Raises the support of your attributes: Cheibriados increases your Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence as your piety increases. Each stat increase comes with an incremental decrease in your movement speed. Further stat increases occur at higher ranks of piety. At maximum piety you receive +15 to all stats, and your movement delay is doubled.

Piety Level *: "Righteous Timekeeper"

  • Slows and strengthens your metabolism: Reduces food cost by 1 per action (identical to Slow Metabolism 1), halves the effect of poison and sickness. This also doubles its duration. (Passive)
  • Bend Time: Slows everything adjacent to you. Monsters resist based on their HD rather than their Magic resistance, which means that it can affect magic immune enemies. (Costs 3 MP, 50-100 Food, and 1-2 Piety)

Piety Level **: "Chronographer"

  • No new Abilities.

Piety Level ***: "Splendid Chronographer"

  • Temporal Distortion: Moves nearby monsters forward through time, relative to you. In effect, this forces ranged opponents to move adjacent to you. (Instant, 4 MP, 200-400 Food, 3-5 Piety)

Piety Level ****: "Chronicler"

  • Slouch: Damages everything in LOS (including invisible enemies) that's faster than you (Damage = [Speed Difference] × 4d3 / 2). Only monsters that have detected you take damage from Slouch. (Costs 5 MP, 100-200 Food, and 8-12 Piety)

Piety Level *****: "Eternal Chronicler"

  • Step From Time: Moves you to nowhere and lets time pass. During that time, monsters wander away and may even go to sleep. Monsters that end up in your LOS must perform a fresh check against your stealth to notice you. (Costs 10 MP, 200-400 Food, and 10-15 Piety)

Piety Level ******: "Ticktocktomancer"

  • No new abilities.

In addition, Cheibriados does the following:

  • Dramatically reduces the monster spawn rate and map morphing rate in the Abyss. (Passive)
  • Prevent the speed bonus from going berserk through the Berserk mutation. (Passive)
  • Reduces the Orb run monster spawn rate.


  • 80%: Sleep for 4-8 turns. (Irresistible)
  • 20%: Slow + No berserk for 100 turns. (Irresistible)


  • Unlike the other gods, successfully worshiping Cheibriados greatly magnifies the deadliness of your mistakes. Remember to always use shift-direction key or auto-explore while exploring, as that will automatically stop you when you spot an enemy. One careless step while worshiping Cheibriados could translate to two or three needless enemy attacks, which could very well be lethal.
  • Those who worship Cheibriados should try to take advantage of their stat boosts as much as possible. Ranged combat gets a large boost from high stats; a well-enchanted longbow or crossbow in particular will deal high damage to your enemies. Devotees of Cheibriados should cast spells, can wear protective heavy armor (the penalty of which will be reduced by their high strength), and get high EV by training dodging thanks to their dexterity. If you are using Unarmed Combat and Transmutations, the damage output of many forms (particularly Blade Hands) will be increased greatly from the boost in stats.
  • All the above notwithstanding, it is worth noting that a character without Chei's stat boosts, but with access to Haste, would in many cases get greater damage output per turn than a devotee of Chei.
  • You can use Transmutations spells that increase your movement speed (such as Spider Form) without offending Cheibriados. However, you will still be slower than the average monster, so this is not particularly useful for escapes.
  • Translocations spells can help you get around quickly, as can Passwall.
  • Training your Invocations skill is important as well, as Cheibriados offers several excellent abilities:
    • Bend Time can reliably slow even the strongest enemies for very little piety, reducing their attack speed while yours remains the same. Skill level 7.0 in Invocations will give 4% or lower failure for Bend Time at all relevant piety levels.
    • Temporal Distortion works well with poison; apply a few levels of poison, then warp time forward to when your foes are dead or weakened. Skill level 7.0 in Invocations will give 4% or lower failure for Temporal Distortion at all relevant piety levels.
    • Slouch's piety cost is not cheap, but it is an effective irresistible attack against everything in sight, even invisible enemies (this is a quick way to take out unseen horrors, among other things). Slouch's damage is based on the difference between your speed and the target's, so particularly fast or hasted enemies will take a high damage. Areas filled with fast enemies such as Spider's Nest are especially ripe for Slouching. Note that Invocations does not affect Slouch's damage, only its success. Around 9.0 skill in Invocations will give you 4% or less failure with Slouch at all relevant piety levels.
    • Don't forget you have Step From Time. It can spare you from certain-death situations; by the time you return, most enemies will have wandered off and summoned enemies will have run out of time. Enemies that haven't wandered off might not even notice your return if you have a high Stealth skill as well.
    • Step From Time is much more effective in open levels with lots of space for monsters to redistribute themselves. In constrained areas like the Shoals or small portal levels, it is less effective, so beware. Unlike Slouch the strength of Step From Time, and not just the success chance, depends on Invocations skill. Skill level 14.0 in Invocations will give less than 4% failure in Step From Time at all relevant piety levels.


In 0.14 Bend Time will be available as soon as the player joins this religion.

Prior to 0.10, Cheibriados would only give you bonus stats if you wore equipment with the ponderousness ego (and he offered an ability which allowed you to convert your gear into ponderous artifacts). He would also offer various resistances as well. These benefits increased with each equipment slot you made ponderous.

Prior to 0.9, species with equipment restrictions were unable to get the full ponderous benefits from Cheibriados, and each new ponderous item gave a larger benefit than the last.