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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.
Type Comestible
Name Choko
Icon Choko.png
An almost tasteless green vegetable, which grows on a vine.

"I ought not to omit naming a vegetable which Mr Yates placed on our table, and to which he directed our attention. It was the Tchu-tchu (Sechium edule) called also by the people _pepinella_. It is a small gourd, very much like vegetable marrow; one seed covers a wall with its ramifications."

-John Overton Choules, _The Cruise of the Steam Yacht North Star: A Narrative of the Excursion of Mr. Vanderbilt's Party to England, Russia, Denmark, France, Spain, Malta, Turkey, Madeira, Etc_. 1854.

Also known as a Chayote, chokos are bland, crunchy squashes which normally provide 600 nutrition.

Rank 1: 400.
Rank 2: 200.
Rank 3: 0.

Rank 1: 800.
Rank 2. 1,000.
Rank 3. 1,200.


In 0.15, all fruits and vegetables were condensed into the universal "fruit" item.