Cigotuvi's Embrace (spell)

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Version 0.16: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
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This spell violently mutilates all nearby corpses, wrapping them around the caster to serve as both armour and shield. As it takes hits, the carrion will gradually fall away, faster and faster as more is piled on, though increased spellpower will tighten its grasp on the caster's body. It cannot grip ice or stone; only that which lives, or once lived.

Cigotuvi's Embrace is a level 5 Necromancy spell which destroys all corpses and skeletons in your line of sight, taking the flesh and bone and wrapping it around you to provide a boost to AC and SH. Corpses destroyed in this way grant 0.67 points of defense each, while skeletons provide 0.34 with the total rounded down.

Unlike other defensive spells such as Ozocubu's Armour or Stoneskin, Cigotuvi's Embrace does not fade away all at once; instead, each attack you receive will knock loose some of the material from your barrier, reducing your defenses bit by bit.

Cigotuvi's Embrace can not be cast in conjunction with Ozocubu's Armour, Ice Form, Stoneskin, or Statue Form.


Cigotuvi's Embrace will be added in 0.16.