Cigotuvi's Fleshworks

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Version 0.11: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
This slick floor seems to pulse to an unknown beat

Cigotuvi has mastered the art of manipulating flesh, and his lab is a living testament to this fact, seeming like the interior of some vast, ghastly beast. The walls and floor are slick and membranous, pulsing to an unheard heartbeat and oozing thick, green ichor from every inch.

The bulk of Cigotuvi's Fleshworks is devoted to cells that house test subjects in various stages of degeneration. Most are sickly humanoids; the others are ugly things, pulsating lumps and abominations. While the walls of the Fleshworks are as hard as stone, the fleshy membranes that allow you to see into the cells are merely as tough as rock and can easily be dug through.

The central, circular chamber houses Cigotuvi's flesh golem. The eastern half of his lab is dominated by a snaking passageway filled with pulsating lumps and the occasional ugly thing. The western half of his lab is full of abominations, including the terrible "Cigotuvi's Monster", a 250 HP tentacled monstrosity whose glyph changes color over time.

Beware: A few rooms contain mutagenic fog, which will give you mutations if you stand in it; this combined with the pulsating lumps you'll find means an amulet of resist mutation is highly recommended. One amulet will always be contained in the lab itself (with a bias towards being a good item, meaning it has a decent chance to be an artefact), but it will always be behind mutagenic fog.


This poor creature looks hideously deformed.
  • Deformed human.pngDeformed elf.pngDeformed orc.png Deformed/febrile/sickly humans, elves, and orcs - These unfortunate beings are almost harmless. You need to dig them out of their cells to face them, and even then they aren't any more dangerous than their base types.
  • Pulsating lump - Due to their mutation-inducing melee attacks, kill them at range.
  • Ugly things and very ugly things - Pack melee monsters with randomly determined elemental attacks.
  • Giant eyeball - Found only in the second to last chamber on the right side of the lab, this little guy will paralyze you in the middle of mutagenic fog. Kill it ASAP.

Miniboss: Flesh Golem

An animated mound of misshapen flesh.

Flesh golem.png You will encounter a flesh golem in the large circular chamber once you pass the prison cells. This is nothing more than a renamed clay golem with a new image. Stick to the edges of the chamber while fighting him to avoid mutagenic clouds.

Boss: Cigotuvi's Monster

This terrifying creation looks to have been constructed from the body parts of every monstrous creature imaginable.

Cigotuvis monster.png The last chamber on the left side of the Fleshworks will contain several large abominations and Cigotuvi's Monster, a tentacled monstrosity with increased durability.

HP: 250
HD: 23
Recommendations: Fast movement speed and a source of ranged damage will make kiting it fairly easy. It has resistances to almost everything, so using non-elemental Conjurations will help. Hit it hard to make sure you don't run out of room to safely retreat, and avoid melee unless you're playing a brute tank. Weapons of holy wrath work very well in that case.