Cloud Cone

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Version 0.17: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Blasts the area near the caster with destructive clouds. At low power, the most lethal clouds that can be created are noxious fumes. As power increases, this gives way to roaring flames, freezing vapours, and poisonous gas. At the highest tiers of power storm clouds, acidic fog and clouds of negative energy become available.

Cloud Cone is a spell that fills a cone-shaped area in front of you with clouds, with higher spell power determining the nature and duration of the clouds produced. Cloud Cone is only castable via a wand of clouds, so its power is derived from the player's Evocation skill.

This table shows possible clouds produced by this spell, and skill levels at which they can be produced:

Cloud Min. Skill Max. Skill Effect
Thin mist 0 15 Harmless, no effect
Rain clouds 0 15 Harmless, can create shallow water
Noxious fumes 0 15 Confuses the target
Fire clouds 0 27 Deals fire damage
Freezing clouds 0 27 Deals cold damage, slows cold-blooded enemies
Poison gas 0 27 Deals poison damage, inflicts poison
Negative energy clouds 8.3 27 Deals negative energy damage, inflicts draining
Thunderclouds 11.7 27 Deals electricity damage, more effective against flying foes
Acidic fog 11.7 27 Deals acid damage, inflicts corrosion


Cloud Cone (and the rod of clouds) was added in 0.14.