Condensation Shield

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Condensation shield.png Condensation Shield
Level 4
School1 Ice
School2 Transmutation
Casting noise 3
Spell noise 0
This spell causes a disc of dense vapour to condense out of the air surrounding the caster. It acts like a normal shield, but its density (and therefore stopping power) depends upon the caster's skill with Ice Magic. The disc is controlled by the caster's mind and thus will not conflict with the wielding of a two-handed weapon.

Condensation Shield is a level 4 Transmutations/Ice Magic spell which creates a shield with a SH value of (3 + Ice Magic/4 -- affected by Shields skill). The spell stacks with the shield from the Helm card as well as The Shining One's Divine Shield, but does not work if you are currently holding a physical shield. The shield will instantly vaporize if hit with Fire Magic.


It gives you the benefits of a (not very good) shield while leaving both hands free, so you can use this in conjunction with two-handed weapons like great swords or battleaxes. Memorizing it also allows you to train the Shields skill, so even if you don't plan on using the spell, you can still get a jump start on skill training for when you find an actual shield.

Interestingly, Condensation Shield does 2-14 damage to you per round if you are vulnerable to cold, so avoid using it if you have cold vulnerability.


Prior to 0.5, Condensation Shield's SH value was 2 + Ice Magic/6. In 0.12, Condensation Shield will no longer be affected by the Shields skill.