Confusing Touch

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Version 0.20: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Confusing touch.png Confusing Touch
Level 1
School1 Hexes
Casting noise 1
Spell noise 0
This spell enchants the caster's hands with magical energy. This energy is released when the caster touches a monster with their bare hands, and may induce a state of confusion in the monster.

Confusing Touch is a level 1 Hexes spell which causes your Unarmed Combat attacks to inflict confusion along with damage. Because you are more concerned with making contact with the enemy than injuring it, you do no damage while your to-hit is increased by 1d(Dexterity). Wearing gloves has no impact on the spell's effects.

The spell's success is based on the victim's HD instead of its MR, making Confusing Touch surprisingly useful in the late game. Its chance of success is 80% * (24-HD)/24, so monsters with 24 HD and above are immune. You can see this chance by hovering over an enemy with x while the spell is active.

You can cast the spell multiple times to increase its duration (duration is maxed once the status indicator is bright red). Each time you attack while under the effect of this spell, its duration is reduced by a random amount; while this makes it hard to gauge how many attacks you have left, having a greater duration makes it more likely to last. Once you confuse an enemy, the effect is discontinued, so that you can attack the enemy normally.

Tips & Tricks

  • This spell stacks with most Transmutations spells. Mix it with Spider Form to leave your opponents both confused and poisoned!
  • Although trolls are normally hopeless with magic, this level 1 spell may work for them. It's simple enough that they can master it with relative ease, allowing them to quickly disable dangerous opponents (so long as they can close to melee). Their spell power with it will usually be dismally low, but this isn't all that important.
  • Similarly this spell can be quite useful for Ghouls and Felids.


Prior to 0.10, Confusing Touch had a higher success rate.

As of 0.19, it is a level 1 spell.