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Version 0.12: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Confusion is a status condition that causes the victim to move and act randomly until it wears off. Confusion can be extremely dangerous: the victim may attack empty tiles or even allies when they attempt to fight, and may fall into deep water or lava if they attempt to move.

Effects of Confusion

When confused, a character or monster:

  • Cannot cast spells or use special abilities.
  • Cannot use a shield (SH stat goes to 0).
  • Moves in a random direction if they try to move/attack:
    • They may move into adjacent deep water or lava. Highly intelligent monsters never do this. If a fatal move is possible, the player is warned when attempting to move confusedly.
    • They may attack a friendly ally/summons; that ally, once hit, becomes hostile.
  • May have trouble using stairs:
    • Going upstairs, 50% chance of falling, losing 1 HP, and remaining on the level.
    • Going downstairs, 50% chance of falling and losing 1 HP, but you make it down the stairs.
    • If you are flying or using an escape hatch, these confusion penalties don't apply.
  • Cannot read scrolls or evoke rods.
  • Will zap wands in random directions.
  • Might attack itself by accident (monsters only).
  • Is vulnerable to stabbing (monsters only).

Causes of Confusion

Confusion can be inflicted by:

Dealing with Confusion

Ways to counter confusion include:



Avoid confusing creatures that may carry useful items near lava or deep water. Great items or artifacts that they carry may otherwise be lost forever.