Controlled Blink

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Controlled blink.png Controlled Blink
Level 7
School1 Translocation
Casting noise 2
Spell noise 0
This spell allows short-range translocation, with precise control. Be wary that controlled teleports will cause the subject to become contaminated with magical energy.

Controlled Blink is a level 7 Translocations which warps you to a nearby open space of your choice in your LOS. The space must be somewhere visible, not deep water or lava, and cannot be behind a translucent wall. Controlled Blink behaves much like a scroll of blinking. On floors where teleport control is restricted, Controlled Blink functions as a semi-controlled blink. In the Abyss, the effect of this spell is blocked half of the time. If you are carrying the Orb of Zot, it only gives you semi-controlled blink half of the time.


In 0.6, you can't blink on deep water even as a merfolk unless you are levitating.