Crown of Eternal Torment

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.
A gold crown set with jet-black gems. It permanently afflicts its wearer with agonising pain, substantially reducing their resilience but rendering them immune to further torments.

Crown of eternal torment.png the +3 crown of Eternal Torment

+3 crown (0 base AC)

Torment immunity
See invisible
Reduces max HP by 20%
Curses itself when worn


The crown of Eternal Torment is an extremely situational piece of equipment, granting rN+++ and torment immunity in exchange for a sizable portion of your maximum health. Admittedly, immunity to torment makes certain encounters significantly less terrifying, but that's still a lot of lost durability. Having 4/5 normal health means that all other hostile attacks are effectively dealing 125% more damage than normal, and slows your regeneration rate by a significant chunk. The item may be useful for taking on the Tomb and Tartarus, but almost any other branch of the game will be decidedly deadlier if you choose to wear it; most branches don't have sources of torment to begin with, and several of those that do have plenty of other devastating threats, such as hellfire. Use this artefact at your own risk, and make sure to keep some scrolls of remove curse on hand so you can remove it when you decide to wear a less dangerous piece of equipment.

Oh, and it has see invisible. That's nice.


The crown of Eternal Torment was briefly considered for 0.17 but was ultimately removed before release.