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| Make sure all [[:Category:Spells]] are using [[Template:Spell]], all [[:Category:Items]] are using [[Template:Item]].
| Make sure all [[:Category:Spells]] are using [[Template:Spell]], all [[:Category:Items]] are using [[Template:Item]].
| [[User:Seriser6]]
| [[User:Seriser6]]
| not started
| In progress, slow and tedious.
| ''A template in every book''
| ''A template in every book''

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CrawlWiki (Edit box)

CrawlWiki is growing in size with over 1,000 registered users. To track what we are doing, we have created this list of current projects.

Current Projects

Project Goal Contributor(s) Status
0.12 Update Project See Current_projects/0.12_update_project Active
Missing pages Special:WantedPages, Special:WantedTemplates, Special:WantedFiles, Special:WantedCategories. Usually these require some simple redirects or imports from the old wiki. Anyone Ongoing
Weigh in Go to Category:Under Review and give us your thoughts on what should be done. Any input is appreciated! Anyone Ongoing, as long as there are pages in the category
Game Mechanics Pages Creating a more comprehensible and comprehensive collection of pages on fundamental game concepts. Started with Movement, now progressing to Actions. Ideally, this project will lead to a series of macro-level pages that provide a portal to more detailed pages (e.g. Spellcasting should introduce all the topics, but link to Spells, Spell Schools, spell power, Spell hunger, Spell success, Damage type, etc.) Jk, more contributors appreciated. In progress
Racial & background attributes Add racial stats to each species page and stat modifiers to each background page. Note that the tables on the stats and class attribute modifiers pages are badly out of date and should be updated first. vacant not started
Renames Change the link of everything that has been renamed: for instance Special:WhatLinksHere/Dragon armour and Special:WhatLinksHere/Potion of healing -- the pages listed there should have their links changed to Fire dragon armour and Potion of curing. This is optional, as there are redirects from the old terms, but it would be nice if the wiki used up-to-date terminology on all pages. User:spudwalt Finished potions of curing; will take care of dragon armor soon
Updating Go through http://git.develz.org/?p=crawl.git;a=log (2/14/2012 and earlier) to see what parts of the code have changed and update the wiki accordingly. This can be done even without code-reading skills as the summaries are plain English; make a list of clearly important changes and leave it to code readers to figure out and fill in the specifics. vacant not started
Mutations Make sure every mutation in the game is on one of the mutation pages and that there is a redirect (uppercase and lowercase) to the section where it is documented. Don't bother with numbers after the mutation (e.g., just do Deformed Body/deformed body instead of Deformed Body 1 etc. vacant not started
Unstub-a-dub-dub Add anything you can to any of the pages in Category:Stubs. If you add a lot of stuff, remove {{stub}}. Anyone Ongoing
Habitat-tat Rewrite habitat to properly describe the habitats LAND, WATER, AMPHIBIOUS, LAVA, and "fake amphibious". vacant not started
Half staff Add Template:Item, Template:Flavour to the Category:Magical staves pages. Some Category:Wand pages are lacking flavour too. User:Seriser6 Done - most of this was already done, I only had to flavour up a few wands
Splitsville Split all items on the evocable items page onto their own pages, leave behind overviews and links to the individual pages. User:MoogleDan, though help is welcome Started
Practical magic resistance Add a chart of what the bell curve for random2(100) + random2(101) is to the MR page. The scale would be spell power minus MR, with the low bound being -100 (0% success); midpoint -1 (I think?) (50% success); and high bound 100 (100% success). Could just be a table of values in increments of 10, not a graph, though the latter would be fancy. vacant not started
Update/expand portal and vault pages Go through the portal and vault source pages to update/expand our coverage of said dungeon features. vacant not started
Merge portal pages Portal and Dungeon_branches#Miscellaneous_Portals overlap heavily; merge any useful info from the branches page into the specialized portal page. vacant not started
Add spell info Peruse the DCSS spell lab -- click on the "Spells" tab -- to add basic stats about spells to our spell pages. Especially damage figures. vacant not started
Resistances Edit the resistances page to broaden it to mention monster resistances. Currently it is totally player-centric. vacant not started
Import info Go through Henzell's learndb and copy any useful info to appropriate pages (or create new ones). vacant not started
Resistible enchantments Create a list of things (spells, wands, scrolls, etc.) that are resisted by monster magic resistance. Give the formula for how effective a given amount of resistance is vs. each thing so you know when to give up on using that wand of confusion & suchlike. vacant; may need some source diving skills not started
Merge candidates Consolidate Multizap and The Multizapper's Handbook. Unnecessary to have two pages on the same basic subject, even if one is more technical and the other more strategic. vacant not started
A template in every pot Make sure all Category:Spells are using Template:Spell, all Category:Items are using Template:Item. User:Seriser6 In progress, slow and tedious.
A template in every book Create a Template:Spell list and convert all spellbook pages to use it, for ease of maintenance and consistency of styling. vacant not started
Establish new version update procedures We need some sort of routine in place -- at the very least, a checklist -- to follow when a new version is released, so we can keep the wiki up-to-date. This should include rerunning our autogeneration scripts and uploading the results. Potentially tricky, since the scripts may need updating from version to version and people don't hang around for years. So we need a plan of succession for our script maintainers/guru(s). vacant not started
Update spell table pages User:Neil/parse-spl-data was used to generate the following pages:

We should run it again (update it, if necessary) to bring those pages up-to-date. Even better, we could try extending it to update all our spell-related pages, including individual spells and spell books.

Are you man enough? ;-) not started
Outdated spell table pages List of attack spells and beams by maximum damage and Table of attack spells and beams by maximum range need updating. Maybe Neil's script can be extended to redo them. vacant not started
Fill in spell damages Someone needs to do some source diving to fill in what the damage, duration, etc. are for several different spells: Tornado, Ice Storm, Fire Storm, Freezing Cloud, etc. We could potentially grab some of this from List of attack spells and beams by maximum damage, provided the figures haven't changed too radically. vacant not started
Merge community, community portal pages Community and CrawlWiki:Community Portal pages have overlapping purpose. Merge community to community portal and update the main page to reflect the updated community page and its content. vacant not started
Update info on monster pages The monster stats were extracted from the source and uploaded in bulk a couple of years ago. Update the extracting script (User:Wideshanks/monsterparse.rb) to handle changes to the source; expand its functionality as much as possible to include stuff like what spells monsters have (and how much damage they do) and to reflect resistances not in mon-data.h (like negative energy, torment, confusion, etc.). Also figure out way to automate upload of new data to the wiki. User:Flaming Corpse Updated script to correctly process current mon-data.h; figured out AutoWikiBrowser procedure for semiautomatic uploading. Now working on adding new stat info.
Review categories Rename any obtuse or long names, merge duplicates Flun DONE! There is still some stuff to do with the categories (i.e. placing categories into appropriate parent categories, but that will be for another time)
Fix some redundancies Consolidate redundant/out-of-date tables & info in stats, species attributes, and player. Current stats can be found in http://git.develz.org/?p=crawl.git;a=blob;f=crawl-ref/source/ng-setup.cc -- bearing in mind that you must add 2 to all those figures. Also note that that page is from trunk; MD has been removed and Op is in. Vacant! Not started

Past Projects

Project Goal Status
0.11 Update Project See Current_projects/0.11_update_project 18px-Yes check.png Done'

Monster Group Pages Create separate pages for a monster, the group of monsters, and if needed, the player race. For example, see Spriggan (monster), List of spriggans, and Spriggan. In the list page, make sure to add the Category:Lists of monsters at the bottom. We should also add reference links to the list page to every monster on that list. For example, Spriggan (monster) has a link to List of spriggans, we should do it for Spriggan druid etc... Other pages that need to be done included Merfolk, Gnoll, Deep elf. 18px-Yes check.png Done'

What was that? Update spell noise with the info on Talk:spell noise. Optional: add detailed spell noise info to individual spell pages (via an expanded Template:Spell?). 18px-Yes check.png Done'

0.10 Update Project See Current_projects/0.10_update_project 18px-Yes check.png Done'

Expand attack flavour Attack flavour needs filling in. Done.
Attack types Do some source diving to figure out what all the different attack types do (sting, butt, shoot, etc.). See http://crawl.chaosforge.org/index.php?title=Special%3AWhatLinksHere&target=Attack+type&namespace=10 for a list of the wiki's attack type templates. Done.
Armour time-to-wear All body armour takes AC+1 turns to wear or remove; see Armour#Wear_and_remove_times. Add the weartime parameter to all armour templates. Done.
Monster zapper Add the formula for what spell power monsters get when they use wands to the wand page. Old formula was "30 + 2d(hit dice). The part over 40 is halved (a power of 80 thus becomes a power of 60). Final power is capped at 70." Is it still correct? Done; current formula seems to be 30+hit dice, although it's not clear what value is used for most enchantments.
0.9.2 Add info about the 0.9.2 release to the wiki. See [1]. Done.
Merge megabat and bat Template:Monster is a complication here; the uploader of all our current tiles changed it to ignore the "tile" parameter and instead automatically use pagename. The monster page updates, below, should clear the way for fixing the tile parameter. Done.
Fix size templates Move the templates in Category:Size to Category:Size templates. Also edit these templates so that they add the category "Foo monsters" instead of just "Foo" to the page. For example, Template:big will categorize monster pages with this flag to "Big monsters" instead of just "Big". Finally, verify the old category (i.e. Category:Big) to see if there are any monsters that were not using the template and fix them. Done!
Add flavour to pages See Category:Articles_Without_Flavour Done.
Crawl graphics Upload Dungeon Crawl's graphical tiles and place them in the relevant articles. Done.
Style guide Create a style guide. Done.
Redirect messages Redirect all in-game messages to appropriate articles. Not completed / Do we want to do this?
Crawl documents Create pages for all Dungeon Crawl documents. Finished for Stone Soup, original Crawl versions are needed.
Source code Upload wikified source code for all major versions. Hell no, that's what the git repository is for.
Items Represent every Dungeon Crawl item with its own article, including an infobox. Done.
0.7.0 Create articles on 0.7.0's new features. Done.
Categories Separate categories and articles. Done.
Crawl versions Create an article for every version of Crawl. Finished for Stone Soup, original Crawl versions are needed.