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32px Hellfire
Level 9
School1 Conjuration
School2 Fire
Casting noise  ?
Spell noise  ?

This article is about the spell. For the artefact crossbow by this name, see the crossbow "Hellfire".

Hellfire is a beam-targeted spell which delivers an extremely damaging cloud of fire: it ignores all fire resistance, ignores AC, and cannot be evaded in any way.

Burst of Hellfire, the upgrade of Hellfire, deals slightly less damage but is smite-targeted and can affect anything in one's LOS.

Like conventional fire, hellfire is capable of destroying scrolls and igniting trees and bushes. Conservation functions normally against hellfire.

Hellfire-capable Monsters

Hellfire - This spell has a range of 7, requires a line of sight to the target, and creates an unavoidable 3×3 burst. Damage in each tile is 3d20 hellfire.

Burst of Hellfire - This deadlier version of the previous uses smite targeting to direct a 3×3 burst of hellfire against targets in LOS. Damage is 5d7 hellfire (when the target is a monster) and 3d15 hellfire (when the target is you).

Hellfire Sources for the Player

There are few methods available for players to gain access to hellfire. They are all found in the late game, and usually at a heavy cost. (Burst of hellfire is not available at all.)

  • Evoking the Staff of Dispater will reliably cast hellfire (Power = Evocations×8, max damage 3d57), but at a cost of 5-23 HP (average 14, but never fatal), 2-6 MP (average 4), and 100 food.
  • The demonspawn Fire mutation (tier 1, rank 3) allows you to cast hellfire (damage based on XP level, max 6d28 at level 27), but at a cost of 25% of your max HP per use.

All player-launched sources of hellfire require a line of sight and create an unavoidable 3×3 burst:

  • Range: 7
  • To-Hit Number: (20+(Power/10))
  • Damage: calc_dice(3, 10 + (Power * 3) / 4)

Hellfire Resistance

Some monsters (typically demons) possess hellfire resistance, rendering them immune to damage from hellfire and regular fire. Players cannot acquire hellfire immunity, and the only available method for reducing hellfire damage is the damage-shaving ability of deep dwarves.

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