Damnation (unrand)

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Version 0.19: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
An unholy crossbow, forged in the fires of Gehenna. It transforms the bolts it fires with the raw power of its namesake, irresistible by any mortal armour.

Urand damnation.png the +6 arbalest "Damnation"

+6 arbalest

Deals damnation damage

Found in many Gehenna:7 vaults, and can also be generated randomly.


Damnation's base enchantment is decent, and those who have the appropriate skill may occasionally want this. Bear in mind that damnation damage is treated as fire damage for the purpose of fire-vulnerable opponents, but cuts through all fire resistance (except for when dealing with certain undead and demonic foes). Also, be aware that the damnation explosions it generates are significantly louder than normal crossbow shots, so expect to wake up nearby foes. In addition, this weapon mulches every bolt, so you may run out of bolts quickly unless you already have hundreds of bolts or follow Trog or Okawaru.


Prior to 0.19, Damnation provided rF++ and +40 MR at the cost of rC- in addition to damnation damage

This crossbow was renamed from to Damnation from Hellfire in 0.18.

Prior to 0.15, Hellfire was a +6, +9 crossbow.

Prior to 0.14, it had the flame brand.