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*[[Book of Burglary]]
*[[Book of Burglary]]
*[[Book of Dreams]]

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Darkness.png Darkness
Level 7
School1 Hexes
Casting noise 3
Spell noise 0
This spell dims the light of the dungeon, reducing the range of vision. The area affected is quite large and it doesn't have sharp edges, thus the effect is unlikely to alert anyone not very close to the caster.

Darkness is a level 7 Hexes spell which reduces the LOS that creatures can see you (and that you can see other creatures) by 25%. Under normal circumstances, this reduces LOS by two tiles. When combined with a lantern of shadows or the demonspawn nightstalker mutation, the spell only reduces LOS by one tile more.


  • Darkness is an excellent spell for situations where you don`t want to be seen, obviously. It makes it easier to move into range for stabbing, helps when fleeing from monsters at the edge of your LOS, forces ranged enemies to move closer to you, and generally reduces the amount of attention you attract simply by keeping you out of sight.