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Version 0.17: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
This trap can shoot relatively weak spikes of metal. They are unlikely to kill anyone outright, but may be enough to put down someone who's running half-dead while chased by some monster.

Dart trap.png

The dart trap is the weakest trap in the game. It holds 3-11 darts and fires when stepped upon, dealing 1 - 6 physical damage to you (or 1 - 4 against monsters).

Repel Missiles and Deflect Missiles both reduce the chance of this trap being able to hit the player.

Much like other traps, dart traps cannot be disarmed, but they do have a limited supply of ammunition. They are fairly uncommon, appearing only in the Ossuary branch and on the bottom floor of the Realm of Zot, in the chambers approaching the Orb of Zot.


Prior to 0.16, flying characters would never trigger traps.

In previous versions, traps could be disarmed by "attacking" the trap in place by holding CTRL and moving toward the square. This ability was enhanced by the Traps & Doors skill. Both of these have been removed.