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Version 0.24: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
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It is tipped with a substance that sends those it hits into a mindless rage, attacking friend and foe alike.

Datura is a brand found only on darts. Targets struck by a datura dart are sent into a frenzy, turning neutral and berserk (if natural) and attacking nearby creatures regardless of whether they are allies.

Unlike most brands, datura's effectiveness is determined by the player's skill in Throwing and Stealth, and resisted by the target's hit dice.


Frenzy is effective when applied to a monster in the middle of a pack, which will often result in some of the pack tearing each other apart for a time while leaving you an opening to thin their numbers, use other ranged attacks, or make an escape.

Datura is most universally effective in the beginning of the game where few monsters have the HD to resist it; you can easily turn something like an orc warrior against its compatriots and might be able to affect an ogre or ice beast. Unless you're investing in Throwing and/or Stealth, however, datura will likely stop working on monsters once you get to about the Lair.


Datura refers to a genus of poisonous plants.


Datura was introduced in 0.24, replacing the old frenzy brand found on needles.

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