Demon blade

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Name Demon blade
Skill Long Blades
Damage 13
Accuracy -1
Base delay (%) 13 (130%)
Min delay 6 at skill 14
Hands 1H
Size Medium
Ranged? No

A terrible weapon, forged in the fires of Hell.
This weapon falls into the 'Long Blades' category. It is a one handed weapon, and it is better for the dexterous. Demonspawn are more deadly with it.

Demon blades are one of the better long blades you can still wield with a shield. Although less powerful than double swords, they are easy to find in the late-game off of hell knights and usually generate with decent brands and enchantment values.

Demonspawn also deal slightly more damage while wielding them. Also, worshipers of good gods cannot attack with them without suffering penance. However, worshipers of the Shining One can convert a demon blade into a more powerful eudemon blade of holy wrath by wielding it and praying at his altar once they reach max piety. You can also reverse the process at Kiku's or Lugonu's altars, but this is usually a bad trade.

Demon blade Eudemon blade
Demon blade.png Blessed blade.png
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