Dire elephant

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dire elephant YDire elephant.png
HP 90 to 133
HD 15
XP 1617
Speed 10
AC 13
EV 2
Will 100
Attack1 40 (trample: plain)
Attack2 15 (trunk slap: plain)

Type of Meat Clean
Resistances none
Vulnerabilities none
Habitat land
Intelligence Animal
Uses Uses nothing
Holiness Natural
Size Big
Type elephant, elephant
Flags Warm-blooded
With thick skin, even thicker legs and a memory to die for, this enraged pachyderm would like nothing more than to kill you and feast on your remains.

Useful Info

A dire elephant is a much stronger version of an elephant. Like their smaller cousins, their melee attacks may push you back a tile, but their damage output is significantly higher.

Tips & Tricks

Dire elephants have significant damage output, and they're much more resistant to magic than regular elephants, but they aren't that much more durable otherwise. Any kind of strong Conjurations or Summonings magic will suffice, and pure melee characters can usually take them on one-on-one by the time they're encountered.


  • Dire elephants were added in 0.7.